Natural Origins

Your ingredient’s journey

With over 25 years’ experience, Natural Origins brings you a unique botanical expertise. Our teams travels around the world to source the best raw materials. We are close to our customers and develop together botanical solutions adapted to their specific needs: raw, cut, powder, extracts.

Natural Origins

Your Botanical partner

Our journey starts at the origin, where the plants that make up our products are grown. We nurture long-term partnerships with farmers from around the world who are committed to agricultural best practice. We operate for nutraceutical, food and beverages and herbal infusions and teas industries.

Natural Origins

Trust & Traceability

Our demanding control processes guarantee the quality of our raw materials routinely controlled in terms of botanical identity, contaminants and phytochemical profiles. This ensures the integrity of our ethical, sustainable, transparent supply chain. In this way, only the finest raw materials make their way to our base in Lyon, France and New Jersey (USA).

Product Journey

The Finest Ingredients

Our commitment to innovation means that working with us ensures you’re working with industry leaders at the forefront of the latest trends in professional practice.

Sourcing of Raw Materials
We develop long-term partnerships with trusted farmers, cooperative, harvesters. In this way, we are able to engage in crop management and collection processes, stock financing and pre-quality control at the origin.
Once harvested through our sustainable agricultural and wild channels, we import the raw materials. This process includes exercising logistic, custom expertise and ensuring trace management for our Organic grade produce.
Quality Control
We test strictly all our batches for botanical identity, active compounds, contaminants and microbiology. We perform these controls at origins prior to importation, goods in, goods out.
Once we are confident that our raw materials meet our quality standards, we begin the manufacturing process. This includes cleaning, sorting cutting, debacterisation and extraction processes. From this base we create your “precious” ingredients.
Research, Development and Product Innovation
We are committed to constantly improving our products, and methods of manufacture and delivery. Speak to our team today to find out more.
Product Journey

What sets us apart

When working with the Natural Origins team, there are a few things you can be assured of.

Personalised Service
At Natural Origins, understanding your need is our number one mission, let’s talk about you first and foremost. Our team will then work to create the solution that will make your product unique. Our strong supply chain combined with a large inventory allow us to be reactive and reliable throughout the year.
We pride ourselves on maintaining a transparent sourcing and manufacture process. This approach carries over into our client relationships, meaning you can look forward to feeling informed about how we’re serving your needs, every step of the way.
Accountability and ethical practices
We strive to embody the best in ethical business practice. We embrace sustainable approach, committed to supporting sustainable development at every point of the supply chain. We are audited each year by Ecocert. In this way, we provide a full range of Organic and Fair Trade products alongside our conventional range, sourced from our trusted agricultural partners.
Organic farming
Organic label is today one of the best way to supply products from a responsible and sustainable agricultural practices. It helps to protect the environment and to use less chemicals. Organic grade is a way as well to ensure full traceability on the sourcing. We are committed to develop organic supply chains and we pride ourselves to offer about 50 % our botanical as organic materials.
Corporate Social Responsability
Natural Origins is part of the For Life Programme, which defines a global approach for sustainable development. It is aimed at organisations and companies wishing to: Demonstrate their commitment to sound practices in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Optimize supplier selection processes by easily identifying business partners that share their values and commitment to CSR principles.
Quality and regulatory
Our quality assurance team will review together with you our specifications and adapt them to your specific requirement. We share our botanical expertise and supply the required information allowing you to validate the regulatory conformity of your formulation
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What we do

Botanical Ingredients

At Natural Origins, you will find the finest botanical ingredients. We are offering you more than 450 different herbs and more than 2000 ingredients. If you’re looking to create something a little more special, our Botanical Studio team will be happy to consult, working with you to realise your vision of a unique blend of nature’s best.

Our offer includes the following ranges of products:

herbs.png Herbs Globally sourced raw ingredients from selected partners in more than 60 countries. Raw, cut, pasteurized, a large assortment is available. We create bespoke sourcing on request.
powders.png Powders One of the largest range of botanical powders available on the market. Standardized to actives, pasteurized, this range offers you a low processed alternatives, 100 % botanical and full spectrum. Just the essential
extracts.png Extracts Herbal extracts created from our raw material using only water or water/ethanolic extraction. Wide choice of organic grades.
bee-products.png Bee products Fully traceable selection of products from the finest apiaries, including Royal Jelly
nutrisense.png Herbal & Teas Finest selection of aromatic and healthy herbs to exalt the aromatic profile of your brands
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