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Herbal and tea industry | December 02, 2021

Breakfast teas

Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world after water (1). It is...

Herbal and tea industry | November 25, 2021

Above and beyond a mere bagging service, other ethical & responsible solutions for your tea and infusions Doypacks®

Endlessly clever and personalisable, the Doypack® bag is perfectly suited for...

Herbal and tea industry | November 18, 2021

Children’s infusion, the example of Papa chamomile

The importance of developing products while listening to children’s needs no...

Herbal and tea industry, Food and beverage industry, Nutraceutical industry | November 04, 2021

Seasonality rendez-vous: Nettle Urtica dioica L.

Nettles are very widespread in temperate regions and are well known by everyone...

Nutraceutical industry | October 28, 2021

Exten(d), ReWin(d) & Baobab shake: our heros ingredients on the adventure races

Relive these unique and intense experiences with us in nature and our "heros...

Nutraceutical industry | October 21, 2021

Baobab Workout Powder: the best of the plant for the sports nutrition market

Natural Origins’ Baobab powder-based formulation comes from a responsible and...

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