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Life Science & Nutrition | June 26, 2024

Exten(d) with Cell'innov

By developing Exten(d)®, an innovative ingredient resulting from research...

Life Science & Nutrition, Point of View section | June 06, 2024

Botanicals, the future of food supplements

In recent years, botanicals have boosted the food supplement market. Consumers...

Life Science & Nutrition | June 04, 2024

Altore Trail Origins: a spectacular trail with Natural Origins Lifestyle

This last weekend of May, Natural Origins was lucky enough to join Team Altore...

Life Science & Nutrition, Point of View section | May 30, 2024

Food supplements of tomorrow: customisation, a promise of development

Moving towards personalisation is a challenge for professionals in the field of...

Life Science & Nutrition | May 28, 2024

The “Duo de l’Hermitage” race: high-performance athletes boosted by our sports nutrition drinks

“We start with 2, we finish with 2”! Such could be the motto of the Duo de...

Life Science & Nutrition, Point of View section | May 23, 2024

Food supplements of tomorrow: Innovations and new tech

Innovation and technology are shaping the nutraceuticals of the future....

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