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February 18, 2020
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Nutraceutical Industry

As already mentioned, athletes seek products that are pleasant to consume and in line with their lifestyle: obviously healthy, practical and easy to take at any moment products, with guaranteed effectiveness (performance, recovery, hydration, endurance). These numerous requirements may be difficult to meet while keeping up with a pace set by the market.


Whether you want to save time on designing your new project, find new prospects of development, involve skills you don’t have in-house or to carry out pilot tests at lower costs our Botanical Studio® is the solution to quickly develop your new success story. We propose providing you with an all-round service and to accompany you from the designing to the manufacturing of your sports nutrition product.


Discover the Botanical Studio


How can Botanical Studio® help you formulate your turnkey products?


An all-round service


As a turnkey manufacturer,  we manage the entire supply chain and guarantee you:

  • The choice of ingredients
  • Product formulation
  • Marketing support
  • Setting up logistics


In due respect with your time schedule and at a pre-negotiated price.


This all-round service (from drawing up the specifications to the delivery of the product in accordance with desired performances) ensures fast reactivity and the development of innovative and quality products without you having to worry about the different stages of development.


Natural ingredients from ethical, sustainable and transparent supply chains


Contrary to other applications laboratories, Botanical Studio® only works with natural ingredients. Our team of experts are botany enthusiasts and they design innovative products while guaranteeing that the ingredients come from an ethical supply chain and are transparent for your consumers.


In due respect with your corporate culture


Our objective involves analysing your corporate culture and the desired positioning in view of respecting your vision of an ideal product while maintaining full consistency of the rest of your product range. Our aim is to provide an end-product corresponding completely to your brand image and the result expected by the end consumer.  


What our team at Botanical Studio® looks like and what is our know-how?


Based on the resources of the group DÖHLER, or outside contractors selected for their know how, we are at your disposal to meet your needs while respecting the constraints of athletes (natural ingredients, galenic format, performance, organic grade, time of consumption, mode of administration, format, packaging, etc. ):


  • Our sourcing team defines the most adapted to your needs for raw materials (what price, what subsidiary, what grade: organic or conventional);
  • Our ingredients formulators and developers make custom designed ingredients adapted to the galenic aspect desired for the end product: in extract form, plant cuttings or fruit powder, etc.
  • Our end-product formulators in collaboration with the group DÖHLER, design your product based on your wishes (capsules, tablets, cereal bars, beverages, shots)
  • Our quality/regulations department checks the quality of all materials up until the end product by setting up the necessary and adapted controls in order to guarantee the regulatory compliance prior to being put on the market.
  • The sales and marketing managers deal with coordinating the project along with the design and the storytelling of your product.
  • Our supply chain team, like an orchestra conductor, manages the entire project starting from the purchasing to the delivery of your end-product.

Our Botanical Studio's experts are at your disposal to help with your sports nutrition development project.


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Nutraceutical Industry

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