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Maxime Angelucci

Maxime Angelucci
CEO Natural Origins

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Nutraceutical Industry | October 03, 2019

How to best formulate your Exten(d) & ReWin(d) natural sports solution thanks to Botanical Studio® ?

The sports nutrition market is growing quickly and consumers are demanding....

Nutraceutical Industry | September 26, 2019

Why favour Exten(d) and ReWin(d) over other natural actives?

Naturalness is no longer an option but rather an unavoidable component of all...

Nutraceutical Industry | September 19, 2019

Exten(d) and ReWin(d), natural actives to be integrated into numerous formulations

The sports nutrition market is constantly growing and changing. Consumers now...

Nutraceutical Industry | September 12, 2019

Do all natural actives share the same qualities?

Taking care of one’s body has become crucial. In this booming market, sports...

Nutraceutical Industry | January 29, 2019

Zoom in on the formulation of energy products via the Botanical Studio

In order to meet the specific needs of nutraceutical professionals, Natural...

Herbal and Tea Industry, Spirits Industry, Nutraceutical Industry | December 13, 2018

Natural ingredients: differentiate from supply chain marketing

Frequently little known and too often underestimated, supply chain marketing...

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