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Maxime Angelucci

Maxime Angelucci
CEO Natural Origins

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Nutraceutical Industry | January 29, 2019

Zoom in on the formulation of energy products via the Botanical Studio

In order to meet the specific needs of nutraceutical professionals, Natural...

Herbal and Tea Industry, Spirits Industry, Nutraceutical Industry | December 13, 2018

Natural ingredients: differentiate from supply chain marketing

Frequently little known and too often underestimated, supply chain marketing...

Nutraceutical Industry | November 27, 2018

HRG80 ginseng: an exclusive partnership between Botalys and Natural Origins

Botalys is a Belgian company specialised in the production of vertically farmed...

Nutraceutical Industry | October 23, 2018

Increase dispersibility using Optifine botanical powders

Botanical powders are among the most commonly used natural botanical...

Nutraceutical Industry | August 07, 2018

Why opt for fair trade in the development of nutraceutical products?

The consumption of fair trade products is not just a passing fad, it has been a...

Nutraceutical Industry | July 31, 2018

Supply chain marketing: how to convey your values on your products?

Supply chain marketing is still partially exploited in food industry and...

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