CSR commitments at Natural Origins

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March 10, 2020

Setting up a CSR policy is a strong commitment for a company involving all stakeholders (staff members, producers, clients), who work together is due respect with the environment and mankind.   

Find out how Natural Origins is genuinely committed to CSR.


Our CSR commitments


An everyday mindset


At Natural Origins, the operating mode of CSR is reflected in our daily actions to improve our work conditions, reduce our carbon footprint, limit our water consumption and improve our waste management. Certified responsible since 2007, we think about responsible actions on a daily basis and we place great value in offering our clients natural raw materials coming from sustainable, ethical and transparent supply chains.


Strong commitments with our partners


In general terms, Natural Origins are invested:

  • By engaging in a For Life certification program 
  • By valuing French producers, as soon as and when possible
  • By setting up multiannual contracts to ensure revenue to the producers
  • By installing facilities like day care centers
  • By carrying out humanitarian deeds with the distribution or toys or supplies
  • By developing organic supply chains
  • By financing the purchase of new equipment to improve safety and work conditions
  • By reinforcing the organisation, the autonomy and equity with the setting up or workers’ committees
  • etc…


Some concrete examples of CSR actions:




Further to a customer’s request, we created a cinnamon procurement supply chain with the For Life and organic labels. Progress has been made based on these certifications :

  • The producers have structured themselves and have improved their working conditions with protective equipment, for example.
  • The workers today are aware of the environmental dimension and no longer use chemical treatments.
  • The supply chain benefits from these labels and sell their cinnamon at a higher price.




For another client, we developed a private reference which commits us to supplying royal jelly produced in conserved and controlled areas. This reference was set up in conjunction with our client, Ecocert who initiated the project and our supplier. It groups together all the strictest regulations in Europe in view of guaranteeing the quality of the water, the air and the soil.  


It’s within this conserved area that the impact of CSR can play its full role:

  • Firstly from a social standpoint since working conditions for our beekeepers can be noted. We distributed them first aid kits and we are committed to supplying the fruits and vegetables on a daily basis along with an annual comprehensive health check.
  • In terms of the environment: beekeepers are trained on environmental protection. The soils, water and air are strictly analysed in view of ensuring quality and an absence of treatments around the bee hives.



As previously mentioned our CSR policy is part of our everyday functioning with the implementation of certification processes along with small scale actions like sponsoring beehives.

We have chosen to invest in beehives in the Beaujolais region. Behind the production of honey for our clients we have another objective to promote local producers and to participate on our scale to contributing to biodiversity conservation.


Natural Origins proposes accompanying you in promoting your CSR commitments using its means and expertise. Please feel free to contact our experts.

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