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May 23, 2024

Innovation and technology are shaping the nutraceuticals of the future. Professionals in the field, laboratories and manufacturers alike, are taking a new approach to health and well-being, and food supplements are following this path. From novel solutions to efficient galenic formulations, let's take a closer look at what these pioneering trends have in store for us.


Food supplements new formulations and patented active ingredients resulting from research


Various nutrients and a wide range of ingredients are present in food supplements, including botanicals or botanical extracts, fibre, vitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals.


complément alimentaire de demain natural origins


In 2023, vitamin supplements (1) accounted for a 30% market share: vitamin D (cholecalciferol) to promote calcium absorption, vitamin B (folic acid), vitamin A (carotenoids and retinols) and vitamin C (ascorbic acid), designed to support overall immunity and protect the body from deficiencies and the associated health risks. As for the essential nutrients made up of amino acids and proteins, their CAGR (compound annual growth rate) is expected to reach 13.4% between 2024 and 2030 (2). 


Food supplements developments and innovative approaches


A cutting-edge technology that uses liposomes to transport active compounds by targeting the body, lypo-spheric or liposomal formulation is continuing to progress: encapsulated in liposomes, the active ingredients are delivered directly to the cells for enhanced efficacy. Vitamins in liposomal form are expanding the product ranges of many manufacturers and laboratories with their patents (A-LAb from Havéa, LivOnLabs from Altrient, Novoma, L-Vital C from Capsularis, etc.). This unique method of administration, the benefits of which have been demonstrated by numerous studies, protects the active ingredients from oxidation and degradation, while guaranteeing their stability over time. This reduces the risk of gastrointestinal discomfort (in the case of vitamin C) and ensures targeted delivery for optimum absorption.


VERDIGEL™ SC 303 (3) is an example of an innovative botanical solution offering a fast-release pectin-based premix for capsules. Its advantages lie in softgel capsules offering a superior encapsulation rate, as well as in its ready-to-use form for industry-standard processes (4).




Ayana Bio has developed botanical cells that produce bioactives identical to those of botanicals (e.g. lemon balm or echinacea) in stainless steel tanks, thus limiting the drawbacks of traditional agriculture, including adulteration, contamination, pesticides, etc


The latest innovation from the Dynveo laboratory is based on extracts of organic French olives, hydroxytyrosol, a concentrate of antioxidants containing the equivalent of 2.6 litres of olive oil in one capsule (5).

To meet the growing global demand for probiotics and postbiotics that promote immune health and general well-being, many stakeholders have been adapting while innovating in this sector. According to a survey (6), 34 % of consumers consumed probiotics in 2023. In Europe, lactose intolerance and obesity have also increased this search for nutritional intakes that support the intestinal microbiota.


Herbaland thus offers probiotics in an inclusive format, targeting women and children. This new galenic form, a sugar-free, fruity-flavoured powder stick in a single-dose sachet, is to be consumed directly.




An Italian company specialising in complementary supplements and phytotherapy has launched Lactoflor® Immuno 200, the first European product launch with IMMUSE (7). IMMUSE is a patented postbiotic derived from the Plasma Lactococcus lactis strain (LC-plasma), which supports the immune system via a new method which activates pDCs (plasmacytoid dendritic cells). Its formulation contains 50 mg IMMUSE , 200 mg lactoferrin and 25 mcg vitamin D3. IMMUSE ™ (LC-Plasma) can be used alone or combined with other ingredients for additional health benefits.




The patented ingredient Skinax² ™ combines primary and secondary antioxidants (grape-seed polyphenols, bioactive superoxide dismutase (SOD), zinc and vitamin C) for complete action targeting skin radiance. Its collagen-boosting vegan formula uses a combination of exclusive science and top-quality botanicals, and can be incorporated into a wide range of nutricosmetics formulations.


sxinax2 skin glow


The Johnson&Johnson Group brand, in collaboration with Nourished, the specialist in personalised food supplements, is launching Skin 360 Skinstacks, gummies with seven layers of ingredients specifically selected according to needs: vitamins, zinc, selenium and other active ingredients for tailor-made skin beauty.




MIBELLE BIOCHEMISTY has created MonaJuventa™ Nu, an extract of red Monarda (Monarda didyma) rich in antioxidant flavonoids including didymine, which targets longevity, protects against oxidative stress and improves mitochondrial function.


Design galenics for the food supplements of tomorrow


These examples show that the right choice of galenic formulation is crucial not only to the effectiveness of the compounds involved, but also to the brands' ability to stand out in the crowd while enhancing their identity. Between sleep, stress, immunity and sports nutrition, each segment brings its own innovations in terms of formats (sticks, orodispersible films, shots, etc.) and the composition of supplements. Leading trends are stimulating growth in the market, such as gummies, which are proving highly successful and also encourage their compliance. In 2023, traditional formats such as capsules and tablets will still lead the way in Europe, with a 60% share of the market (8), while liquids will account for 17.2%, gummies 14.5% and powders 8.1%. There is renewed interest in sprays and drops, as well as in vials, whose transparency and visual appeal are becoming once again popular.

There are other products on the market that combine textures (e.g. oils and powders), colours and taste pleasure. Like Nonna Lab's 'pearls', which combine health and sensory benefits: the body is better able to absorb vitamin nutrients via the fatty acids in chocolate.

nonna lab nonna choc

Single-dose formats, which are practical and portable, are also very popular thanks to their ease of use on a daily basis. 


Based on their highly-dosed active ingredients, the 7 single-dose 10 ml Herbal Gem products contain 145 mg of pure propolis to boost the immune system.




Gilbert has embarked on micronutrition with Blue Dose, a single-dose liquid based on fresh Spirulina extract titrated in Phycocyanine (1000 mg/l).




Plastic single-dose packaging is sometimes used instead of vials, as is the case with Phyteo, which emphasises the unbreakable nature of this format, as well as its clearer opening.


unicadose phyteo


The Activa laboratories have developed a 'new generation' complex in the form of microgranules, an innovative patented galenic formulation which protects the active ingredients and releases them in a targeted way into the body, thereby promoting their effectiveness. The high concentration of active ingredients means fewer doses need to be taken and compliance is easier. Activa's dry extract-based complexes, titrated and standardised, are designed according to the body's capacity for self-regulation and its natural mechanisms.




Another example of the launch of microgranules in capsules is Female SexUp enhancer from GENCOR, a dietary supplement containing fenugreek extract which reduces menopausal symptoms by prolonging the release of its active ingredients.


female sexup


Designing tomorrow's galenic formulations requires us to take three essential criteria into account:




The body assimilates the benefits of food supplements differently. The absorption of micronutrients depends on the quality of the active ingredient and the choice galenic: tablets, liquids, gastro-resistant capsules, micro-granules or softgels, each offering its own advantages. These may include releasing active ingredients by targeting a specific area. To guarantee the effectiveness of several associated ingredients, laboratories now also know how to incorporate several profiles into a single capsule to improve absorption.


complément alimentaire de demain 2 natural origins


DUOCAP® capsule technology enables the formulation of combination products or dual release of a single ingredient, providing several possible profiles while offering a unique presentation of the finished product to promote brand recognition.


Protection of active ingredients

Packaging in tinted glass vials enables the compounds to be protected from light and oxygen. Microbiotic strains, in particular, are very fragile and sensitive micro-organisms. Unlike other galenic forms, natural colourings, aromas and flavourings can be incorporated into capsules without altering the stability of the active ingredients. Some supplements in capsule form are best stored in a cool place, which also protects the active ingredients from air and moisture. 


The right dosage for greater efficiency


European Directive 2002-46 defines food supplements as ‘a concentrated source of nutrients [...] marketed in dose form, [...] intended to be taken in small measured units’ (9). » Their composition, in terms of both actives and ingredients, varies greatly from one product to another. Dosages must therefore be precisely quantified for greater effectiveness, both for consumer safety and to guarantee the quality of the ingredients and the concentration of active ingredients.

The consumer benefits generated by brand initiatives to develop innovative food supplements play a crucial role in their promotion. Awareness of the positive effects of these products, combined with the search for improved, easy-to-use formulations with a focus on customisation, opens up great prospects for the years to come.

Find out in our next article how the development of customised products has taken hold of food supplements to meet the health needs of every consumer.



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