How to find a product with health benefits at Natural Origins?

Author: Pierre Aveline
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February 25, 2021

Following our latest articles on natural ingredients with health benefits, Natural Origins presents its interactive catalog available 24 hours a day 7 days a week: the e-platform.
Today, we present its features on video to provide good guidance to discover and use it.





More than 450 natural ingredients references available online


To help you find the plant or product that best suits your needs, Natural Origins has set up the e-platforms:



Here you will be able to find:


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of over 450 products from our ranges:


These products can be found via our major product families in the ranges:




Search features tailored to your needs


On each product range, the faceted filter located to the left of the items allow you to select products according to the following characteristics:


  • Stock clearance
  • Brand
  • Associated health benefits
  • Certification (Organic, For Life, Fair for Life)

    Request a sample of For Life & Fair for Life productsDownload For Life product sheets

The site’s built-in search engine can also be used to search for a product by:


  • Name (in English, French or the Latin botanical name)
  • Associated health benefits



Detailed products sheets and possibility to request a sample, a quote and order online


On each of the products sheets, you will find:


  • Its range information
  • Its price per kg (with a premium account)
  • The possibility to request a sample, a quote or any other information

With a premium account:

  • Downloadable documentation and associated specifications
  • If the article can be ordered online, the possibility to put it in your basket in increments of 25 kilos up to 300 kilos or ask for a quote for amounts over 300 kilos.

You will also have the opportunity to find out more about the plant with the following information:


  • Its properties
  • Species and part(s) of the plant used
  • The origin and the quality
  • The harvest period
  • The optimal availability period at Natural Origins.

You will also be able to consult the same family related items proposed for each product.


Feel free to create your account to take advantage of all these features or to contact us for any questions by using the website contact form.


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