How to secure a natural ingredients’ supply chain?

Author: Emilie Leconte
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October 02, 2018

Managing risks linked to your natural ingredients' supply chain is a major issue and a concern shared by a number of buyers. Even if there is no such thing as zero risk, numerous solutions are available to secure raw material purchases in the most optimal way possible. Two approaches seem to stand out based on their effectiveness.

Let’s talk about this and see how they apply to the natural ingredients supply!


A sustainable supply for your natural ingredients

This approach provides a different view of your raw material supply. It involves going beyond the usual choice criteria to include the main founding principles of corporate social responsibility (CSR), namely:

  • environmental responsibility by favouring industries respectful of the environment and biodiversity;
  • social issues by paying attention and constantly improving working conditions at each step of the process;
  • economic repercussions by favouring local jobs and setting up sustainable, virtuous partnerships.

It’s been proven that incorporating CSR principles into purchasing policies can contribute to better risk management.

First of all, for supplier reliability: a responsible industry brings together committed partners, and this over the long-term!

Next, a responsible supply of natural ingredients guarantees security. Regularly monitored traceability systems have been set up.

At Natural Origins all batches of natural ingredients received are systematically controlled to offer end consumers healthy, quality products! In addition, Natural Origins has systematised the assessment of its suppliers with onsite audits, if needed.


The purchases digitalisation

It is now impossible for purchasing departments to overlook digital transformation. Digital tools speed up order processes but also help to improve supply-linked risk management. This is notably made possible thanks to the development of BtoB e-commerce platforms. These e-commerce websites present a number of advantages:

  • an essential information database (data sheets, quality documentation…) that guarantee genuine proof of transparency;
  • accessibility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week because raw material needs can occur at any time and utmost attention needs to be paid to responsiveness;
  • real time access to the stock inventory limits the risk of supply shortages;
  • visibility regarding delivery lead times to help to secure logistics, which is a key step of the supply chain.

Transparency, traceability and reactivity are thus guiding principles for BtoB e-commerce platforms. These advantages are particularly interesting for securing the natural ingredients supply chain. It’s precisely with this in mind that the Natural Origins vegetable raw material platform was created.

As Natural Origins is a specialist in vegetable raw material sourcing, the company wishes to offer its clients the benefits of a BtoB e-commerce platform and the assets of a sustainable supply.


Access the e-platform and discover how it can help you to secure your supply chain.

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