Natural Origins : B2B “e-commerce platform” for all your natural ingredients

Author: Pierre Aveline
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October 04, 2018

Since the month of September our new B2B e-commerce platform allows quick and easy access to our different ingredients product range.

A brief overview will help you get control of this platform along with all the benefits.


How can the e-commerce platform and the natural ingredients be accessed ?


The Natural Origins e-commerce platform is available in French and in English via the addresses and

We recommend that you create a user account and log in to access the various available functions. Certain information and documents require premium access. In this case, please contact our dedicated teams who will be pleased to guide you through this process.

Your search for natural ingredients can be done by entering the name or health benefit using the e-commerce platform search engine.

For detailed information on the functioning of this platform, please watch the following introductory video.




What are the advantages of seeking out natural ingredients on an e-commerce platform ?


The Natural Origins e-commerce platform is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and provides real time stock availability for all ingredients in the catalogue. You can likewise access the technical data directly from the ingredient data sheet.

You benefit from a large array of organic ingredients and twenty or so special deals offered every month.

Lastly, the objective of our e-commerce platform is to help you save time with the possibility of also requesting free samples.

In case of specific requests, you can contact our Botanical Studio team of experts for tailor made offers.


Sign up now to take advantage of all that the Natural Origins e-commerce platform has to offer!

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