Seasonality rendez-vous: Nettle Urtica dioica L.

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November 04, 2021

Nettles are very widespread in temperate regions and are well known by everyone for its stinging leaves, at the origin of its Latin name, Urtica dioica L. This seemingly inhospitable plant is in fact a real source of well-being and a precious ally for our body. Discover its nutraceutical applications and our organic 100% French sourcing…



Nettles and its nutraceutical use


Well-known in ancient times, the Greeks and the Romans used this to heal coughs, tuberculosis, arthritis and to stimulate hair growth. Ayurvedic medicine uses nettles with other plants to treat uterine bleeding, nose bleeds, skin rash and eczema. Native Americans use this to cure rheumatic pain and to support women during childbirth. (1) (4)

In infusions or in the form of capsules, we enjoy its remineralising and anti-inflammatory properties.


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Calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium or sodium, it is an impressive source of minerals and contains vitamin B, ascorbic acid, carotenes, polyphenols and high-quality plant proteins… (2), (3) It is therefore a complete nutriment which can be the answer for many nutritional deficiencies.

Its composition provides anti-inflammatory virtues which are particularly interesting for athletes and people suffering from joint pain. Many studies have focused on the aerial part of nettles and several demonstrate its anti-inflammatory potential. (5) (6). Some studies indicate, that when associated with other nutrients, nettles decrease the need for painkillers and improve patients affected by knee or hip arthritis. (7)



Our 100% French organic sourcing


Our producer in the Drome is a dynamic man, in love with his work and passionate about botany. Our partner launched a production of aromatic and medicinal plants in 1998. He then progressively developed different species and spontaneously turned toward organic farming.


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He makes a point of producing in line with his values: health, ecology and sustainable development. He maintains biodiversity to naturally balance his crops and generates reservoirs of pollinating insects with his plant selection. Located in the heart of a rich and fertile terroir, his plantings benefit from ideal conditions and healthy growth.

From May to October, he harvests the species Urtica dioica L., often called common nettle. Based on his work and his fine-tuned botanical knowledge and know-how of his land, he offers the highest quality and organic raw material which we process into botanical ingredients with great pleasure:



Organic stinging nettle aerial part 0.3-2.0 mm tea bag cut France
Organic stinging nettle aerial part 3.0-6.0 mm pyramid cut France
Organic stinging nettle aerial part 4-10 mm loose cut France
Organic stinging nettle root powder 300 µm heat treated
Organic stinging nettle root Optifine powder heat treated



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