Supply chain marketing: How does Natural Origins accompany professionals?

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December 10, 2019

Setting up supply chain marketing can be challenging. Having deep knowledge of agronomy in order to select procurement supply chains corresponding to your distinctive criteria and to supply authentic contents to promote this knowledge is absolutely essential. 

Drawing on its expertise, all the team at Natural Origins is ready to guide you through the different steps for developing your supply chain marketing.

Natural Origins, unique botanical expertise


To select the ideal supply chain, it is essential to have in-depth knowledge of plants and the agricultural sectors.

Every plant raw material has its own unique terroir and background and its characteristics that need to be controlled to make the best of the plant. A fascinating job which requires great expertise....

Over the past 25 years Natural Origins has traveled throughout the world to uncover the best plants and to set up sustainable and trust-worthy procurement supply chains to respond to their clients’ needs.

We now have 450 plant species and 2000 ingredients in our catalogue. Each species is subject to a rigourous selection process based on its intrinsic qualities and its origin. All the data collected on these plants has been used to create an accurate, rich and unique data base.

We also provide professionals with all our expertise on plant raw materials in view of offering our clients the quintessence of plants while accompanying them in the setting up of their supply chain marketing.


Customised support to promote your supply chain marketing


1. Needs review


We work hand in hand with our customers to obtain the most adapted botanical solutions to add value to their finished product. The first step involves making an assessment, reviewing with our customers their important distinctive criteria and the positioning of the brand and product range of the finished products; terroir, organoleptic qualities, specific actives, etc.


2. Feasibility study


Then, our team carries out a feasibility study: Is the project technically feasible and economically viable?


3. Ingredient sourcing


We direct our customers towards sourcing which corresponds to their expectations and on the creation of raw sourced material-based ingredients.


4. Setting up dedicated supply chains if needed


We can also set up customised procurement supply chains to completely adjust to our customers’ objectives. Our know-how in the field and the producers enable us to select the best partners to create an ideal supply chain.

We can, for example, set up at our producers:

  • organic certifications
  • more in-depth analyses which are above and beyond the required official samples,
  • accredited programmes (For Life/Fair For Life)
  • support actions with the local populations,
  • methods for reducing the impact of activities on the environment, biodiversity and the climate
  • or uncover an original terroir…


5. Content development


Our mission doesn’t stop there since we propose creating contents to promote procurement supply chains to our customers. Our sourcing teams make videos and photos on the farms and producers, which are then compiled with the marketing team. We formulate the storytelling which is essential for highlighting your finished product and for telling your own story.


Do you want to value your sourcing? Discover supply chain marketing.

how to value your supply chain marketing

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