What challenges for ginger procurement?

Author: Anthony Verdugo
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February 19, 2019

Ginger is used and sought after throughout the world. The increase in world demand is such that it is interesting to note the characteristics of the ginger procurement supply chain.

They are not all alike and don’t all offer the same quality of ginger. More will be explained in this article.

Specific characteristics to be aware of for ginger procurement


One of the biggest challenges with ginger sourcing is of course carefully choosing the production areas. While this natural ingredient is grown along various longitudes, it is important to be reminded that ginger is a perennial herb originating in Asia.

Asians have an ancestral know-how of this botanical ingredient, from its culinary to therapeutic usages and its cultivation. 

Above and beyond the know-how acquired by local producers, several regions in Asia offer optimum growing conditions for ginger:

  • high rate of sunshine;
  • high temperatures over a large part of the year;
  • average yearly rainfall over 2.000 mm;
  • cultivated in areas between 500 to 1.500 m in altitude;
  • rich, fairly light soil, easy to work and which dries out quickly.

In addition to the growing conditions, it is important to add another criteria to ginger sourcing: a contaminant free environment.

This criteria was instrumental in developing the ginger supply chain in Vietnam by Natural Origins and Aroha Sourcing, a company specialised in quality plant material sourcing in Vietnam. 

> Know more about the partnership between Natural Origins and Aroha Sourcing.


Importance of a responsible and sustainable ginger supply chain for agro-food and nutraceutical industries


During their work carried out on ginger sourcing, the teams at Natural Origins and Aroha Sourcing attached great importance to being respectful to nature and to mankind. The shared objective is to create a responsible and sustainable ginger supply chain:  a mutual commitment with local producers to build value while growing together and preserving natural resources.

In addition to a strong commitment with local producers, this is also a guarantee of quality and safety. The ginger supply chain born of the partnership between Natural Origins, Aroha Sourcing and local producers enables:

  • Secure procurement with long term cultivation contracts;
  • Optimum quality with a large team in the field to optimise procedures;
  • Optimum safety with a full control and monitoring of all the steps of the supply chain;
  • Environmentally friendly practices at all the steps of the supply chain;
  • Personalised assistance to meet all specifications (different varieties of ginger, different certifications, etc.);
  • Human collaboration with a short supply chain in direct contact with producers;
  • Relationship of trust which enables working under the best conditions. 


Do you want to know more about our ginger supply chain in Vietnam? Feel free to discover the references available on the Natural Origins e-platform of natural ingredients and to contact our team of experts for customised support.


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