Why choose sustainable ingredients sourcing with Natural Origins?

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October 30, 2018

Natural Origins provides all its expertise in terms of raw plant material to B2B professionals. Our aim is to offer the best plants thus making the world a botanical garden open to all.

Nadine Bromberger, Purchasing Manager, underlines the reasons for this approach at Natural Origins.


CSR policy in natural ingredients sourcing

Natural Origins has set up a sound corporate social responsibility policy. To this end, we support the Ecocert certified For Life programme which is based on 3 foundations:

  1. The economy
  2. The environment
  3. The social dimension


What impact does sustainable ingredients sourcing have?

Choosing sustainable ingredients sourcing has a positive impact on both the quality of the plant raw materials and on the living standards of local producers.

This is notably the case in Namibia where Natural Origins has set up over 10 years ago a certified Fair For Life supply chain of harpagophytum.

In the field, this includes:

  • training courses
  • fair prices to suppliers and harvesters
  • setting up a development fund
  • and sustainable resources


Why choose sustainable ingredients sourcing with Natural Origins?

By favouring natural ingredients coming from sustainable ingredients sourcing, a meaning is given to trade. The CSR approach of Natural Origins establishes a beneficial link between the industrial world and the crop field in order that both parties benefit from the best plant raw materials.


Learn more about Natural Origins and its sustainable sourcing approach by downloading our presentation free of charge.


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Nadine Bromberger

Nadine Bromberger

Purchasing Manager

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