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June 04, 2024
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This last weekend of May, Natural Origins was lucky enough to join Team Altore on the Altore Trail Origins, a historic race through the previous edition's most beautiful Corsican spots. A great adventure organised by Altore Trail Running in the wild and beautiful Cavu Valley.


Altore Trail Origins


This sporting event is set in one of the most beautiful valleys in the Corsican mountains, as well as the Bavella massif, north of Porto Vecchio. 


Piscine naturelles


Between the natural pools, the famous Carciara breach and the famous GR20, this trail also passes through Bocca Casteducciu, before climbing to Monte Calva where a superb panoramic view awaits the athletes.




Natural Origins Lifestyle, support for athletes on different running courses


There are four routes on the specially-landscaped hiking trails on Corsica's peaks and summits:


  • Altu Giru Cavu Bavedda: 54 km and 3100 m of positive/negative gradient, pure bliss for just 50 lucky people!
  • Giru di u Cavu: 30 km with 2000 m of positive/negative gradient, a tough challenge for the legs and the eyes!
  • Sapara e carbonari: 11 km with 360 m of positive/negative gradient, a short, challenging but accessible loop around the rivers.
  • A Marchja: a 6km loop with 360m of positive/negative gradient for athletes looking for a bit of fun.


Athletes powered by Natural Origins Lifestyle sports nutrition products


All these sublime routes, kept secret until the day of the event, delighted the runners. It was a pleasure to talk to Team Altore athletes who use Natural Origins Lifestyle products in their daily lives (sports drinks and superfoods).


podium 54km   podium Team Altore


We collected some great testimonials and feedback on our products, in particular from Sébastien Spehler, winner of the Grand Trail d'Alsace (172km, 6200mD+) who ran for 17 hours with Propulse!


Sébastien Spehler 

Prix podium


Congratulations to the organisers, the volunteers, the announcer and the athletes who put up a great fight, flying the colours of Altore and Natural Origins Lifestyle.



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