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Chloé Blanchard

Chloé Blanchard
Life Science & Nutrition Product Manager

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Life Science & Nutrition | September 20, 2023

New format for Baobab Workout, the athlete's ally!

Discover our flagship sports nutrition drink in a new light: Baobab Workout....

Life Science & Nutrition | September 19, 2023

Sébastien Raichon, the Ultra-Trail Star, sets a new record on the Tor des Glaciers!

He has reached the top! Sébastien Raichon wins the Tor des Glaciers for a...

Life Science & Nutrition | August 10, 2023

Sébastien Raichon, the new extreme ambassador for our Sports Nutrition products

With its botanical drinks and snacks dedicated to sports nutrition, Natural...

Teas & Herbal Infusions, Food & Beverage, Life Science & Nutrition | July 06, 2023

Optimising the body's purifying action through botanicals

Whether it's after overeating during the holiday season, to keep your body...

Teas & Herbal Infusions, Life Science & Nutrition | June 29, 2023

Which botanicals for feminine comfort?

Due in France, one out of every two women declares that she is subject to...

Life Science & Nutrition | June 22, 2023

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) or intimacy problems for every woman

Due to women’s fluctuating hormones, many are prone to premenstrual syndrome...

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