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Chloé Blanchard

Chloé Blanchard
Life Science & Nutrition Product Manager

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Teas & Herbal Infusions, Food & Beverage, Life Science & Nutrition, Spirits & Beers | January 05, 2024

ORGANIC, For Life, Fair for Life certifications: a real advantage for your products

At Natural Origins, we have always developed strong, supportive partnerships...

Food & Beverage, Life Science & Nutrition | December 13, 2023

ORGANIC For Life Royal Jelly from Natural Origins: a world exclusive!

Natural Origins is proud to present its brand new For Life certified organic...

Life Science & Nutrition | November 30, 2023

Natural Origins Lifestyle®: Run In Lyon official supplier

Natural Origins is an expert in sourcing natural ingredients and has created...

Life Science & Nutrition | November 10, 2023

The transformation of our botanicals into powders for the nutraceutical industry: from sourcing to storage

Natural Origins botanical powders are now processed near Valence (France), at...

Teas & Herbal Infusions, Food & Beverage, Life Science & Nutrition, Spirits & Beers | October 19, 2023

French brands ride the “Made in France” wave

Many consum-actors have become increasingly aware of where the products they...

Life Science & Nutrition | September 20, 2023

New format for Baobab Workout, the athlete's ally!

Discover our flagship sports nutrition drink in a new light: Baobab Workout....

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