Fruit powders and juice concentrate: which offers for which applications?

Author: Emilie Leconte
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April 14, 2020

You are looking for new, colourful, fruity natural ingredients which combine pleasure and health?

Based on their taste, their colours and their properties, fruit reinforces the naturalness of your products. Containing neither colouring agents nor artificial aromas, their use meets the « clean label » trend. In addition, it is an excellent means to stand out starting from the label with healthier and more authentic products.


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Let’s take another look at the offers and applications of these essential ingredients


Whether in powder or juice concentrate form, the potential of fruit in your nutraceutical formulations is undeniable: gourmet, tasty and colourful, these ingredients awaken the senses and are pleasing to the taste buds with their natural flavourings. They replace synthetic additives and bring real added value to your products while guaranteeing the organoleptic quality awaited by your consumers.


Pineapple, orange, banana, lemon, apple or tangerine, with fruit powders and juice concentrate everything is possible: from the most classical to the most original, there is an array of choices to enrich your developments and widen your product range.


Certain references can also be added to your formulas for their nutritional input such as with carbohydrates or vitamins.


In addition to the above-mentioned qualities, fruit powders and juice concentrate can be easily incorporated into your preparation, providing you with a large range of galenic forms:

  • Fruit powders for example can be fully integrated into products used for sports nutrition including protein mixtures, instant beverages to be reconstituted, energy bars, detox and anti- oxidant beverages, and capsules and tablets.
  • Juices will be more used in liquid formulas such as shots, smoothies or syrups…


At Natural Origins, we make available to you numerous references of fruit powders and juice concentrates with natural colours, authentic flavours and recognised nutritional properties. With these new ingredients, we extend our "Life Science and Nutrition" product range, allowing you to innovate and bring genuine added value to your end products.


Classic, original or trendy ingredients, which references to choose from?


Regardless of the sought-after application or galenic, standard references such as raspberry, strawberry, orange or even banana are obviously essential and remain absolute references in the gourmet flavour product range.  And if you are turning more towards original references, you can follow the trend and surf on the citrus fruits wave and propose tangerine or lime. You could also surprise your consumers with exotic flavours like mango or passion fruit. The important part is to maintain a good taste balance to make for pleasing tasting sessions.


For even more inspiration, discover our new references of fruit powders and  juice concentrate on our e-platform.


If you want to develop a custom designed ingredient or end product, our team at Botanical Studio® is at your disposal and is committed to providing its expertise and know-how to quickly develop a quality, innovative and balanced fruit-based product.


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