How to source quality ingredients with Natural Origins?

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July 17, 2018
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The sourcing of quality ingredients is an activity which requires time and know-how. Indeed, each plant has its own history and specific characteristics. In order to offer the best vegetable raw material, Natural Origins has developed sustainable partnerships with in-the-field experts across the world.


An ingredients sourcing based on local and sustainable partners

Natural Origins aims to create a botanic garden accessible to anyone. To take up this challenge, our ingredients sourcing relies on a network of local partners spread across main regions of the world. Sharing common values and a same passion for agronomy, our partners are distinguished by their in-the-field experience. Each partner has an in-depth knowledge of its territory, its issues and its cultivated plants.

In addition to this in-the-field expertise, we believe that a sustainable sourcing of quality ingredients is crucial. We are attached to fair trade values and practices related to the corporate social responsibility (CSR). Our partnerships are maintained over time with a contract farming based on strong commitments such as dialogue, transparency and respect of environmental, social and ethical issues.


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Two examples of partnerships established by Natural Origins for quality plants

Our sustainable partnership with the french company Promoplantes is a good example of how territory and humans are important in our ingredients sourcing. The company Promoplantes is located in Anjou in the Chemillé region which is a medicinal plants culture hotspot. It was founded by a keen farmer attached to its territory. Today, the second generation pursues the development of the company with the utmost expertise and professionalism.

Natural Origins has forged a close relationship with Promoplantes for two generations. We set up a contract farming and ensure a large part of their medicinal plants distribution. We also work together on varietal selection programs in order to best meet the needs of the market.

Our partnership with the Vietnamese company Aroha is also a good example of our local and sustainable sourcing. This company was founded by a French expatriate who has an extensive knowledge of Vietnamese territory and a great expertise in ingredients sourcing. For many years, he has forged strong links with local growers. He follows up farms regularly, carries out a lot of checks and is involved in our continuous improvement process. Indeed, we undertake many actions to evaluate and improve local culture conditions with the aim of offering the best in ingredients sourcing.


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