Supply chain marketing: how to convey your values on your products?

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July 31, 2018
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Supply chain marketing is still partially exploited in food industry and nutraceutical industry. This marketing is often limited to the affixing of a logo whereas there are many opportunities to promote an agricultural chain. Focus on the basis of supply chain marketing and tools at your disposal to convey your values on your finished products.


Supply chain marketing focused on human and values

The first step to promote an agricultural chain is the identification of specificities and advantages for consumers. For example, the fair trade chain is known for its strong values in favour of human : dialogue, equity, respect, solidarity… Fair trade principles are recognized by consumers, as confirmed by a recent French survey. 83% of participants consider their fair trade purchases as a commitment in favour of a fairer trading model.

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Another French survey highlights the growing interest for a sustainable economy. 70% of consumers admit that they are ready to change their consumption towards sustainable products such as goods from fair trade chain and organic products.

Besides, organic farming have a lot of advantages for supply chain marketing. In a recent American survey, 72% of participants have mentioned health and nutrition as reasons of their organic products purchases.


How to promote an agricultural chain on finished products?

Advantages of the supply chain can be promoted in many different ways. Of course, the packaging constitutes the first support of supply chain marketing. Consumers appreciate the presence of a label on products packaging. In a 2016 survey, 75% of participants affirm their confidence in fair trade label as a guarantee of fair price for farmers.

If possible, you can also promote an agricultural chain with text, visuals or pictogram inserts. For example, you can mention or represent environmental, social and ethical advantages of the supply chain. These ones are strong values which emphasise the founding principles of the Corporate social responsibility (CSR).


Supply chain marketing, a form of marketing 3.0 ?

Despite the importance of packaging in supply chain marketing, other communication supports can be used. Website, blog, social networks… digital tools can especially be very useful to communicate about an agricultural chain. For instance, blog articles, photo reports and videos taken on the field can add value to the chain.

In some ways, this digital communication can be associated with marketing 3.0. After a marketing focused on product then customer-oriented, marketing 3.0 is focused on human and values. It is based on digital tools to share a vision, commitments… In food and nutraceutical industries, the marketing 3.0 is perfect for the promotion of agricultural chains.


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