Increase dispersibility using Optifine botanical powders

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October 23, 2018
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Nutraceutical Industry

Botanical powders are among the most commonly used natural botanical ingredients in dietary supplements. Due to a lack of dispersibility, professionals are sometimes reluctant to use these powders, which are obtained by grinding dry plant-derived raw material.

Maxime Angelucci, CEO at Natural Origins, explains how the Optifine botanical powder product range can help solve this problem.



What needs to be checked prior to choosing a botanical powder?

As with all natural ingredients it is essential to pay attention to certain things when choosing a botanical powder:

  • the quality of the raw material: richness in active components and absence of contaminants
  • compliance with grinding, pasteurisation and decontamination stages


What are the advantages of a botanical powder?

Choosing a botanical powder for the formulation of a product enables preserving the plant totum in addition to nutritive elements such as minerals and fibres. The ecological footprint of botanical powder is reduced since no solvents are used and the transformation process in energy efficient.


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The Optifine botanical powders product range used to improve dispersibility

Natural Origins proposes an array of botanical powders for the formulation of your products. The Optifine product range offers optimised particle distribution in view of improving dispersibility in liquid formulations.

Based on this advantage, Optifine botanical powders can be used in the formulation of syrups, vials and smoothies.


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Nutraceutical Industry

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Maxime Angelucci

Maxime Angelucci

CEO Natural Origins

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