How do you choose a botanical powder?

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October 09, 2018
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Nowadays used in a large range of products, botanical powders have the advantage of preserving the plant totum. This valuable asset nonetheless requires being attentive during the supply process since several factors can affect the quality of the end-product.

We will tell you everything you need to know to choose a quality botanical powder.


What is quality botanical powder?

It is useful to review the main reason for choosing a botanical powder, to properly understand the situation. This product makes it possible to preserve the entire vegetal matrix thus collecting all the constituents of the plant. Is this always the case ? What does the initial plant contain? What happens if the plant is exposed to pollutants ?

These questions show the importance needed to be paid to the composition and the origin of botanical powder. Quality powders must have a maximum content of active components and be contaminant-free.

 How to choose a botanical powder?


What factors need to be considered when choosing a botanical powder? 

A variety of factors can affect the composition, thus the quality of botanical powder. Careful attention needs to be paid throughout the supply chain, from the plant growing stages up to product delivery. The following 6 crucial steps include:

1. Selecting suppliers in the field because it’s important to be able to count on reliable experts and business partners.

2. Plant growing and picking must respect numerous quality criteria (botanical identity, actives,…)

3. The first processing stages (drying, sorting, cleaning) are based on the initial quality of the raw materials.

4. Grinding and pulverising must be efficient but must not damage the vegetal matrix.

5. Debacterisation Heat treatment is essential to reduce the microbiological level but must respect the composition of the product and content of active components.

6. Storage, during all stages of the chain, must be done under proper conditions to prevent product contamination or active components damage.


What are quality indicators for choosing botanical powder?

Referring to the preceding paragraph, it is clear that choosing a botanical powder is the key step of the supply chain. Every stage must be evaluated to guarantee the quality of the sector. The challenge is easier said than done because the process involves numerous stakeholders and requires multiple controls. And what if the solution was to choose a responsible ingredients sourcing optionA sustainable supply chain offers numerous advantages for a quality botanical powder supply chain.

Firstly, in the field with a careful selection of cultivation areas while establishing good farming practices or environmentally-friendly wild harvests guaranteeing both quality and security.

Secondly, a sustainable supply chain ensures complete transparency with regard to product traceability with numerous check points.

Finally and especially a responsible supply chain which brings together partners recognised for their know-how with the same high concern for quality.

Since its creation, Natural Origins has been promoting this responsible sourcing ingredients approach.


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