Let’s have a look on harpagophytum fair trade chain with Ecoso

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July 24, 2018
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Nutraceutical Industry

Used for its anti-inflammatory properties throughout the world, harpagophytum is a famous African medicinal plant. For many years, this plant has been harvested in deserts and bush savanna of Namibia. Let’s discover our harpagophytum fair trade chain with our local partner Ecoso.


Join our partner Ecoso at Windhoek in Namibia

In order to discover the harpagophytum agricultural chain, we have to fly to Windhoek. This city is the capital of Republic of Namibia. Did you know that the harpagophytum root is sometimes called root of Windhoek? This is one of its nicknames but the most famous is “devil’s claw” due to its claw-shaped hooks which cover its fruits.

We join our local partner at Hosea Kutako airport in Windhoek. Our collaboration with Namibian company Ecoso began in 2007 thanks to a work conducted in close relation with Ecocert group and a NGO.

We chose this partner for our ingredients sourcing because the company has worked in harpagophytum chain for many years. The team knows all specificities of this supply chain and has in-depth knowledge about matters and issues related to Namibian territory. As a reminder, the harpagophytum collection takes place in hard conditions in the midst of desert between Namibia and Botswana.


Immersion in harpagophytum fair trade chain in Namibia

Harpagophytum collection areas are located at several kilometers of Windhoek. To reach these areas, we take 4x4 special tracks through the desert. When the engine stops, the silence of desert overwhelms us. This is an incredible experience!

In collection areas, we are warmly welcomed by workers and their families. This kindness is an important value for Natural Origins which reminds fair trade principles. We believe that it is possible to create value and evolve together.

Since our commitment to develop the harpagophytum fair trade chain in Namibia, we have observed many evolutions. Our commitment contributed to creating a nursery. Through our company association, we also undertook several humanitarian actions such as distributing toys and clothes.


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