Natural ingredients: differentiate from supply chain marketing

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December 13, 2018

Frequently little known and too often underestimated, supply chain marketing offers real perspectives for agro-food and nutraceutical industry professionals.

Maxime Angelucci, CEO of Natural Origins, underlines supply chain marketing principles and the means for B2B professionals to reap the benefits.

What is supply chain marketing?


We could define supply chain marketing as using all criteria from the natural ingredients supply chain, with differentiating based on your finished products.


What criteria can be taken into account in supply chain marketing?


Differentiating is based on the following advantageous criteria including :

  • The organic quality of the natural ingredients
  • Fair trade dimension of your supply chains
  • The “human” dimension
  • Geographical situation with the notion of « terroir »


How does Natural Origins help you take advantage of supply chain marketing for your products?


Natural Origins draws together all these criteria to provide you with information. In the context of organic quality of Fair trade natural ingredients we also provide certifications.

All this enables you to develop differentiating products from current products on the market.

To know more, feel free to read our article on Supply chain marketing: how to convey your values on your products?

Opting for supply chain marketing also has the advantage in terms of consumer perception of your products. This helps convincing consumers based on the perceived and controlled quality of ingredients used in dietary supplements.


If you are interested in learning more about our supply chain marketing approach and how you can benefit from it, download our free communication kit.

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Maxime Angelucci

Maxime Angelucci

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