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Author: Emilie Leconte
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June 17, 2021

Working, consuming, entertainment, our entire way of living has been turned upside down today. Within this context, going digital is no longer an option, but a real need. The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly accelerated our changing lifestyles and has really marked the BtoC e-commerce but also BtoB. We have learned from this year 2020 and while the world was paralysed, we had to evolve, adapt ourselves and innovate and meet the expectations of buyers.
With that in mind, we have invested strongly in the digital world, and we are pleased to reveal the result of this work with the new version of our on-line platform…


A complete overhaul to better meet the needs of our clients


The of the principal drivers of growth of BtoB e-commerce is based on the evolution of buyers’ demographics (1), who are increasingly adept in digital affairs. This digitalisation has already been in progress over the past several decades and is the logical evolution of our work lifestyles. The crisis however already accelerated this transformation and buying habits on purely BtoB e-commerce platforms. BtoB. (2)

As proof of this trend, ″orders placed online by professionals increased by 44% between January and August 2020", according to a recent study by Salesforce on the status of e-commerce in the world. (3)

30% of BtoB companies questioned consider that online channels represented over half of their revenue in 2020. In addition, 55% of BtoB companies expect that will be the case in the coming 3 years. (3)

″According to McKinsey, 96% of these BtoB companies foresee modifying their market penetration strategy and increasing their investments on digital sales channels on a short-term basis. And 80% expect to focus on these new sales models in 2021″. (1) Online sales represent today 17.5 % of total retail sales in the world. (4)

The moment has therefore come for us to propose a complete overhaul of the structure and the layout of our online platform. Backed by our experience, we have the necessary hindsight to meet market needs and present you an intuitive and custom designed tool. Our site is much more than a simple catalogue, it has been designed to accompany our clients.


A real research assistant must:

  • enhance your web-browsing experience
  • help you to find the ingredients that correspond to you
  • but also to guide you in your formulations
  • or to inform you of trends in the nutraceutical and agro-food fields


Improve our catalogue to better serve you was a priority and the overhaul of the e-platform should ensure more fluidity, clarity and visibility of our references so that the user can fully appreciate the browsing experience. As such, we have created keywords to classify the different ranges of ingredients from the homepage:



By browsing in the menus, you will be able to note the reorganisation of our segmentation following the evolution of our offer. Every sector of activity is subdivided based on the interest or the function of the articles in order to help you in your choices and to guide you in the development of your end products.

″Our essentials″ category is new and highlights our key references derived from unique sourcing or For Life or Fair for Life labels, making use of our best technologies.


Visit our natural ingredients e-platform for B2B professionals! 



An overhaul to leave room for new references


Our core business is to offer botanical solutions.


Without putting our know-how to the side, our activity evolves and diversifies. From sourcing to the development of ingredients, today we can propose increasingly refined ingredients, developed to facilitate your future designs.

The reshaping of our catalogue:



We will present this new configuration in detail shortly on our blog, but the best way to unveil the new version of our web site is to invite you to explore and discover the multiple facets and numerous sections, which are destined to evolve over time


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