Sébastien Raichon, the new extreme ambassador for our Sports Nutrition products

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August 10, 2023
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With its botanical drinks and snacks dedicated to sports nutrition, Natural Origins Lifestyle® is proud to support Sébastien Raichon. As the first person to complete the 300 km Chartreuse Terminorum race in 2023 and the 450 km Tor des Glaciers race 2023, Sébastien's achievement reaffirms his position as one of the world's leading Ultra-Trail champions. 


Test the new Natural Origins Lifestyle® sports nutrition formulas


As a reference in the world of very long-distance races, Sébastien will be testing our new 100% botanical-based formulas during his upcoming challenges. Rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals from botanicals, our balanced and tasty formulas have indeed seduced this great sportsman. He will be able to appreciate the taste and texture of our products and check their digestive properties during prolonged physical exertion.




A win-win partnership to create the best botanical solutions for successful outcome


At Natural Origins, our aim is to offer the best nutritional supplements to sportsmen and women, but also to share our values. Through our uniquely sourced Lifestyle products, we focus on the quality of botanicals that are locally sourced and/or organic, tasty and healthy (no contaminants).

Learning to eat well is the first step towards success, and you need to listen to your needs during intense effort in order to compensate for any deficiencies and regenerate your body quickly for renewed efforts.

The partnership with Sébastien will enable us to benefit from ongoing feedback and to optimise the formulation of our products to make them even more effective.

Natural Origins will be sharing Sébastien's sporting exploits during his races through some surprising landscapes, to help people discover this discipline, which still receives little media coverage...


Sébastien Raichon


Natural Origins and Sébastien Raichon: an eco-responsible approach to sport and a number of challenges tackled


Based on his outstanding performances, Sébastien is a role model that Natural Origins supports and promotes through shared values. These include the environment, ecology, healthy nutrition, the importance of physical activity and a taste for challenge... off the beaten track!



"It's a real pleasure for me to be working with Natural Origins Lifestyle®. I'm really confident that my adventures will continue and that my progress in nutrition will enable me to go even further."

As well as setting the record for the GR5 (623km), Sébastien also won the Tor des Glaciers in 2022 (450km). His example, relayed by the media, inspires a wide public to follow in his footsteps and also introduces people to the discipline of Ultra-Trail.



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