Sébastien Raichon, the Ultra-Trail Star, sets a new record on the Tor des Glaciers!

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September 19, 2023
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He has reached the top! Sébastien Raichon wins the Tor des Glaciers for a second time, one of the longest races in the world! A long journey of 450km in the Aosta Valley, a wild, demanding route, brushing up against the Alpine glaciers.


An extraordinary performance


114 hours 29 minutes including 7 hours of sleep, 425km, 32,000m of elevation gain, beating his own record last year by 10 hours and 20 hours better than the record 2 years ago; the numbers are staggering!



Podium TOR X Live


He accomplished this feat as a lone wolf with only a few express stops in shelters to receive food and drinks. Despite battling against the heat, pain in his leg muscles, a storm at high altitude, end-of-the-world atmospheres, emotional tears... giving up was not an option.




An excellent nutritional ally with Baobab Workout from Natural Origins

"I experienced an extraordinary race in terms of emotion, competition, landscape. It was crazy! I trained well this summer, I was in Olympic shape. There was huge competition this year with strong opponents who pushed me to redouble my efforts. I could never tell myself that I was going to finish peacefully and that’s also why I beat my own record."


Seb binome


Sébastien is delighted to have been able to move forward with the Baobab Workout from Natural Origins which allowed him to hydrate while stocking up on good nutrients.

“During the first 48 hours I had a lot of trouble eating properly, the baobab helped me a lot to give me energy”.

Protein bars on the other hand did not help him, with such effort in the heat, it was not the most suitable solution.



Surpassing oneself


“The Tor des Glaciers is truly the most difficult and most beautiful race of my solo sporting career” announces Sébastien. He flourishes in this discipline which transports him to timeless spheres and makes him come alive. Proof that having self-confidence can allow us to move forward, surpass our own limits and be happy by making our dreams come true!



The entire Natural Origins team congratulates Sébastien on this extraordinary feat. We were proud to be able to accompany him on this adventure and we thank him for all the thrills we felt during this effort! We are already looking forward to supporting him in his coming races with new sports nutrition solutions.



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