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February 05, 2019
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Acerola is a natural source of vitamin C and is used in the formulation of numerous nutraceutical products today. Did you know that these virtues were initially discovered by Amazonian Indians?

You are invited to return to the lands of the origin of this superfruit and discover the acerola supply chain at Natural Origins.

Rendezvous in Brazil at the core of the acerola supply chain at Natural Origins


Acerola is the fruit of a tropical shrub (Malpighia glabra), sometimes called the acerola tree, the Antilles cherry or Barbados cherry. Originally from South America and the Caribbean , this shrub particularly thrives in the rich soil in warm and humid regions in Brazil.

It is only natural that Natural Origins chose this country for its acerola sourcing. The stakeholders involved in the supply chain were selected based on their knowledge of the specific characteristics of the superfruit and their ancestral know-how and expertise in the field.


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Ancestral know-how and expertise in the field


Over the centuries, Brazilians have acquired great knowledge on the cultivation of acerola. They are likewise experts on the specific characteristics of their territory, particularly on the high stake environmental challenges they must meet.

Over the last 6 years or so, Brazil has been faced with severe drought. This situation reiterates the importance of changing traditional farming methods to adapt to a responsible and sustainable approach.

A challenge successfully overcome by the Brazilian partners at Natural Origins, who have optimised their irrigation systems for the cultivation of acerola.


An integrated acerola supply chain for optimum quality


In order to offer quality acerola sourcing, Natural Origins has chosen to set up an integrated supply chain. The idea is to work hand in hand with all the acerola supply chain stakeholders to involve everyone as much as possible in the process.

In other words, the producers go from being suppliers in the traditional supply chain to being partners in the acerola supply chain at Natural Origins. All the stakeholders of the supply chain work together and share a common objective: offer the best quality acerola to the final consumers.

For example, close collaboration has been set up between the producers and the processors to reduce the amount of time as much as possible between harvesting the fruit and the stabilising of vitamin C.


A responsible and sustainable acerola supply chain


Since its creation, Natural Origins believe that it is possible to grow together while creating value. This ambition is well illustrated in the acerola supply chain:

  • Sustainable partnerships with local stakeholders, offering them visibility in the management and development of their activity;
  • Pre-financing harvests to help the producers cover the costs inherent in growing of acerola;
  • Financing a laboratory for dosing the vitamin C by producers and harvesters;
  • Training local teams for them to work autonomously on dosing vitamin C;
  • etc.

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