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Marc Roller, PhD

Marc Roller, PhD
CEO & Partner Natural Origins - Head of Innovation

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Herbal and Tea Industry, Food and Beverage Industry, Nutraceutical Industry | November 12, 2020

Focus on the new Natural Origins plant extract production capabilities

We provided you the details in our latest publications of the launching of our...

Herbal and Tea Industry, Food and Beverage Industry, Nutraceutical Industry | October 08, 2020

Natural Origins is continuing its development with its new production unit

Our goal was to design a next generation extraction site, optimised, flexible...

Nutraceutical Industry | September 05, 2019

Improve recuperation with the sports nutrition ReWin(d) active

While certain plants are recognised for their analgesic or stimulating effect...

Nutraceutical Industry | August 29, 2019

ReWin(d): a new sports nutrition active: clinical study & protocol

In order to accompany nutraceutical industrial professionals, Natural Origins...

Nutraceutical Industry | July 23, 2019

The Exten(d) active has demonstrated improved performance and noticeable effects on decreasing discomfort related to sports practice

We previously noted a clinical trial carried out by Natural Origins on its...

Nutraceutical Industry | July 18, 2019

The new Exten(d) sports nutrition active: double blind, placebo controlled clinical study

To assess the effectiveness of our new Exten(d) active for sports nutrition,...

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