The new Exten(d) sports nutrition active: double blind, placebo controlled clinical study

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July 18, 2019
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Nutraceutical Industry

To assess the effectiveness of our new Exten(d) active for sports nutrition, Natural Origins has carried out a clinical study. Here is the protocol demonstrating the effects of Exten(d) on enhanced sports practice.


Presentation of the Exten(d) active and its effects


Presented for the first time at the Vitafoods 2019 trade fair, the Exten(d) active is aimed at athletes wishing to improve their sports practice.

It has been designed to reduce joint discomfort related to active sports practice. Exten(d) allows improved training and offers the possibility of entering into a virtuous circle in which sports practice is synonymous of painless well-being and progression.


Focus on the clinical study protocol on the Exten(d) active


The clinicals study on the Exten(d) active, was carried out under the following conditions:

  • two groups made up of 15 volunteers, a placebo group and an « Exten(d) » group;
  • duration of study: 4 weeks;
  • profile of the subjects: men aged between 40 and 60 years old with mild chronic knee pain related to sports practice;

Testing was carried out:


Participants of the clinical trial were subjected to intense physical exertion, involving the measuring of VO2 max. This involved an incremental test on a treadmill with the speed continually increasing.

During this exercise, the maximum consumption of oxygen, called the VO2 Max was measured while monitoring the heart rate.

At the same time, doctors ran biomechanical trials, before and after physical exertion, in view of modelling precise movements of their run to detect any possible joint pain or discomfort. They used motion capture to carry out this modelling.

Finally, a thermographic analysis was carried out, before and after biomechanical trials and at each incremental exercise in order to characterise muscle and joint inflammation.




The objective of this clinical study was to measure the effects of Exten(d) on the capacity to improve sports practice and enhance training.   

It was likewise demonstrated that the natural Exten(d) active reduces joint discomfort during long sports training sessions and improves sports practice while reducing pain.

This is the first clinically tested active based on an exclusive organic plant powder formula.


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Nutraceutical Industry

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