The seasonal nature of harpagophytum

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May 26, 2020

Harpagophytum: a leading ingredient for your nutraceutical formulations


Traditionally used to relieve articular and muscular pain, digestive disorders, urinary infections, ulcers and blood diseases, today harpagophytum is used to help fight inflammation and painful joints. (1)(5)(6)

It can be found throughout the year in numerous nutraceutical products.

This raw material can also be considered for more seasonal products formulations such as food supplements to help fight articular pain related to the first cold spells in autumn or to find better mobility when starting back up sports* in the spring time, for example.


*Harpagophytum and athletes...


Anti-inflammatory medicine is widely used in the sports field. Athletes are motivated for a variety of reasons including: its painkilling effect, improved performance, etc... [2]

But synthetic anti-inflammatories have numerous side effects (3), which is why athletes are increasing opting for natural products.

As harpagophytum prevents and soothes pain it is a real asset for athletes looking for naturalness and sports performance.


This plant is available in different forms (dry extract, powder, chips and cuttings) so it can be integrated into numerous galenic formulations. 


Using natural products in your formulations today has become essential and responds to the strong demand for naturalness. To go one step further in this approach and enhance your natural ingredients sourcing, opt for the « Fair For Life » label


Harpagophytum: the "Fair For Life" supply chain example


The « Fair For Life » label is guided by a vision of a « world where trade is a motor for positive and sustainable change benefitting both people and their environment. »  (4)


Natural Origins has been certified for many years and it makes a point of carrying on commitments with its harpagophytum supply chain in Namibia:

  • By ensuring decent working conditions for the workers
  • By guaranteeing sustainable jobs 
  • By creating infrastructures for the local population
  • By carrying out humanitarian actions


This is combined with the guaranteed security for the end consumer based on strict controls of growing and storage conditions of the raw materials and the safe guarding of natural resources by means of sustainable agriculture practices.




Many available references of Harpagophytum


In Namibia, harvests take place only from April 1st to September 30th in order to allow time for the resources to be renewed. The plant matter is dried directly on the spot giving rise to raw materials titrated in iridoides and harpagoside and standardised year-round. This includes:


Dry extract








Check out these references on our e-catalogue. If you are planning to custom design your product, feel free to contact our Botanical Studio®.

CTA - plant raw materials seasonality

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