Why chose ingredients sourced by Aroha Sourcing in Vietnam?

Author: Anthony Verdugo
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February 26, 2019

Natural Origins and Aroha Sourcing have worked hand in hand in Vietnam on developing different botanical ingredients procurement supply chains. More will be said on the advantages of the partnership between Natural Origins and Aroha Sourcing.

Aroha Sourcing: presence in the field


Aroha Sourcing is a company specialised in natural botanical ingredients sourcing located in the heart of south east Asia. This company has in-depth knowledge of sourcing areas in this small part of the world, particularly in Vietnam which offers optimum conditions for growing natural botanical ingredients (ginger, cinnamon, star anise, tumeric, tea, etc.)  

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A direct link with producers for quality natural botanical ingredients


Aroha Sourcing is very close to the growing areas and is very much committed to building and managing short supply chains in direct contact with local producers. More than cultivation contracts, long term trust-based relationships are developed with local producers. This human factor is a strong value shared by Natural Origins.


Responsible and sustainable supply chains


In addition to the human factor of procurement supply chains, Natural Origins and Aroha Sourcing accord great importance to respecting nature. Botanical ingredients are cultivated in preserved areas. The most environmentally friendly methods are privileged at every step of the supply chain. All stakeholders are made aware of the environmental challenges.


An expert follow-up of ingredients with Aroha Sourcing


Aroha Sourcing is the outcome of over 10 years experience in the plant, fruit and vegetable supply chains. It is also the fulfilment of a great passion for the rich bounties of nature. The team is involved in the field with all the supply chain stakeholders on a daily basis.


A systematic monitoring of the quality of natural botanical ingredients


Based on its presence in the field and its expertise, Aroha Sourcing can ensure crop monitoring throughout the year. The team ensures a systematic physical monitoring of all batches which enables optimum traceability of cultivation areas up until the delivery of raw materials to the Natural Origins warehouses.

See the example of the cinnamon procurement supply chain.


A continuous improvement approach


The Aroha Sourcing team operates at different steps of the supply chain while remaining humble and listening to the needs and constraints of each stakeholder. All supply chain stakeholders have great know-how. The team provides support and advice in view of offering optimum quality and stable natural ingredients over time.


Personalised assistance


Based on its involvement in the field, Aroha Sourcing can work hand in hand with local producers to find botanical solutions which are the most adapted to specifications. The team is also able to supply material for supply chain marketing for final consumers (photos, videos, etc.).


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