Zoom in on the formulation of energy products via the Botanical Studio

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January 29, 2019
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Life Science & Nutrition

In order to meet the specific needs of nutraceutical professionals, Natural Origins has set up Botanical Studio. This applications lab accompanies you in the sourcing, the production of tailored made ingredients and the creation of finished products concepts.

To find out more about Botanical Studio and its offer for professionals.


4 energy products created by Botanical Studio

Maxime Angelucci, CEO at Natural Origins, is here today to talk about the formulation of 4 energy products at Botanical Studio.



Product number 1: energy drink

This deals with natural caffeine based beverages, derived from plants with no taurine added.


Product number 2: liquid version smoothie

This liquid form smoothie uses Optifine botanical powders developed by Natural Origins. The main feature of this new product range is it’s improved dispersibility making it a natural solution for this type of formulation.


Product number 3: a powdered smoothie to be reconstitued

This smoothie is mainly for athletes before or after physical efforts.


Product number 4: jelly based sweets

These jelly sweets, also called “gummies”, offer a natural grapefruit flavour with a high content of ginseng.


In order to enable nutraceutical professionals to discover the potential of these 4 energy formulations, our teams are eager to offer you samples

Please feel free to ask us for a sample. 

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Maxime Angelucci

Maxime Angelucci

President & Partner Natural Origins

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