Action, creativity and clear-sightedness, our key words for 2021

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January 12, 2021

« Every season has its fruit » so the Italian saying goes. And to go further, we could say at each period of time, its challenges.

The challenges we have been imposed in 2021 are monumental.

Our news feed includes an array of impressive events:

  • The Copernicus climate change service announces that November 2020 was the warmest month ever registered on earth.
  • Exacerbated by climate change, the UN notes that the number of natural disasters has doubled in 20 years in the world.
  • Météo France points out that over the last 120 years of weather records, the 6 hottest in France were recorded since 2011.
  • The World Economic Forum in its « Global risk report 2020 » details that for the first time in history the risks most likely to occur and with the greatest impact include extreme weather events, the failure of actions taken to protect climate and the loss of biodiversity.

It is obvious that we are facing the beginning of a painful assessment requiring us to make deep changes in our manner of dealing with life. We are destroying our habitat which will cause great socio-economic crises. This is not a hypothesis, it’s a fact.

We therefore need to react immediately, be conscious of the stakes and learn to work differently.


What does this mean for Natural Origins?


We are going to strengthen our partnerships with local agriculture players to increase volume maintained over time, learn to calculate our CO2 impact, minimise this impact, invest in the good management of farming areas with our partners, continue to promote responsible farming while optimising recycling our green waste.

It is obvious that there is an array of other actions to implement, like face-to-face management (learning about the health crisis) in the office, optimising employee travels and a review of our vehicle fleet towards cleaner vehicles, etc.

As such, I see only one response to the stakes of our period of time: action, creative and clear-sighted action.


From the smallest to the most spectacular, our company will be in action and will adapt its operating mode so our season will bear fruit, which we will leave for our children.



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Maxime Angelucci

Maxime Angelucci

President & Partner Natural Origins

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