Sourcing and transforming locally: the Natural Origins model, a holistic approach to botany

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October 01, 2020

While there are increasing expectations for transparency, Natural Origins wishes to develop traceability with a full control of supply chains while perpetuating know-how with its comprehensive catalogue of aromatic ingredients and nutraceuticals.

In this article we will reveal an important step in our project to develop a holistic business model devoted to setting up a full differentiating botanical range, responding to the growing requirements of a rapidly evolving market.


The Natural Origins model


We are committed to managing the entire botanical ingredients value chain while guaranteeing complete traceability throughout the process. This allows us to offer a range of ingredients traced and analysed from their origin up until their marketing. Based on a transparent process, with every step controlled, our clients avoid breaks in their procurement supply chains. Behind this commitment to ensure traceability, our goal is to provide proof of our approach in order to secure our clients’ brands and to create differentiating marketing angles.


With the opening of our extraction site near Valence, complementary to our factory in Lozanne, we have completed our company model and we have the capacity of offering a product range of aromatic plant extracts and nutraceuticals coming from the best of our supply chains.


Natural Origins is based on 3 pillars:

  • Dry plant processing (cleaning, cutting, grinding, heat treatment), at the site in Lozanne (Rhone, France)
  • Extraction (percolation, filtration, concentration), at the site in Soyons (Ardeche, France)
  • Customer support with Botanical Studio® (choice of raw material, customised of ingredients or original products in powder, liquid version, packaging, marketing support)

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A complete and differentiating offer


This new establishment near Valence, is the culmination of a complete project in response to market expectations to cover all the needs of our B2B partner clients who have an extensive portfolio of botanical ingredients.


We currently have over 400 plant species and 2,000 ingredients in our catalogue (cut plants, powders, dry extracts and liquids) based on an unprecedented market sourcing programme with unique traceability and the possibility of opting for certified Organic or Fair Trade ingredients.


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Local and "Made in France": meeting the requirements of active consumers


To complete our project to meet all our clients’ needs we endeavour to provide support to all those seeking eco-responsible products or products derived from local sourcing or Made in France manufacturing.

This is why we source new essences originally from our terroir and process these raw materials in our factories in Lozanne and Soyons, close to our producers.


We have chosen to develop our activity in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, one of the largest areas for aromatic and medicinal plants. We want to offer the possibility of using locally developed ingredients from short and eco-responsible supply circuits, meeting the growing demand of increasingly demanding active consumers.


Our goal is to create a TRANSPARENT company model in which every step is TRACED and fully MASTERED. We have finished our project with the inauguration of our factory in Soyons. We are very pleased to present all the production specifications of our new production site, which promises FLEXIBILITY, VERSATILITY and TECHNOLOGY.


So, stay on-line and we’ll reveal this Botanical Center really soon.



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Maxime Angelucci

Maxime Angelucci

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