An atypical year, our teams speak about their experience and future challenges – part 1

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December 10, 2020

To finish off the 2020 editorial year, we would like to give the floor to the women and men at Natural Origins who have gone through, as you have, a very atypical year. We went from a worrisome first lockdown towards a short-term summery upturn, then to an almost normal autumn to a second winter lockdown. Our rhythm of life has gone awry. We had to hold up to our respective job positions, hold up for the Natural Origins project to continue to sail steadily on.  


Below you will see some testimonials, some parts chosen by the department heads on what we think we have achieved in 2020 and some of the challenges we face in 2021.



Nadine Bromberger - Head of purchasing

1. 2020 successes


photo-nadine"We are very proud about how the team worked so adeptly during the first lockdown. We succeeded in maintaining imports of our raw materials and notably the particularly demanded royal jelly for immunity products, from our makeshift offices in our living rooms and kitchens.


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We had to juggle with the transporters, the suppliers while maintaining contact with our clients. This period was intensely time consuming. News was constantly changing between being told what to do and rote memory exercises. But the bottom line is that we maintained our procurement supply chains".
"Another noteworthy point is the strengthening of our local partnerships with the setting up of sourcing in the Ardèche and in the Limousin. As such, we contribute to building increasingly demanded 100% France product ranges".


2. What challenges lie ahead in 2021?


"The standstill in international travel slowed down our progression in setting up and the certifying of our responsible and For Life certified supply chains.


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We will one day expand our Fair for Life product range in 2021 with a partnership in Senegal with hibiscus and moringa. We are likewise going to continue to develop assortment of plants for our Herbal & Teas product range".



Anne-Sophie Soteras - Quality & regulatory department manager


1. 2020 successes


photo-anne-sophie"To begin with in this taxing context, we maintained our team spirit and worked together despite the particular work conditions. We had to adapt and communicate differently since part of the team was working remotely, alone or with children and the other part was a link to the site. We succeeded in staying in contact, in helping each other when we needed information and in advancing together".

"Despite this context, for the second consecutive year, we maintained a customer complaint rate under 1%. This was possible based on constructive relations set up with our suppliers for them to be aware of our regulatory and client requirements. We precisely define our specifications and we make our suppliers know that they’re involved with us up to the fields".

"On a reciprocal basis, we work hand in hand with the sales department to improve the downstream targeting of client specifications. Some omissions, regulatory misunderstandings or even conversely on quality, may have heavy consequences on procurement supply chains and client satisfaction. We have continued to evolve on these issues in 2020".


2. What challenges lie ahead in 2021?


"We need a decisive push with the opening of our extraction site near Valence in Ardèche (France), to set up procedures and certifications in a timely manner (FSSC22000, Kosher, organic, etc)".
"In 2021, we must be very attentive to regulatory changes especially on health claims for infusions or for food supplements. It’s difficult to see clearly at this stage of the game. Investigations into the presence of chlorates in certain products is a project to be completed next year to ensure product compliance".


In our next article, we’ll give the floor to Patrice Arcis, Extraction site manager and to Stéphane Genin, Supply chain manager.


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