Choose the right organic ingredients: an ebook for professionals

Author: Pierre Aveline
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June 18, 2019

Using organic ingredients to develop a nutraceutical or an agri-food ingredient allows professionals in these industries to meet consumer demands. This is provided that the quality of the selected ingredients is guaranteed.

In face of the growing potential of the organic market, professionals must address many issues.

We have chosen to draw up an ebook available for free download to help in the selection of organic ingredients.

How does an ebook help professionals in choosing quality organic ingredients?



Referring first in detail to consumer choice criteria, this ebook brings to light their key demands.

Naturalness, authenticity, transparency and even health concerns all of which are important issues not to be overlooked. We mention again the criteria which allow us to provide quality ingredients:

  • Framework set down by legislation
  • Specifications for organic ingredients
  • Monitoring supply chains





Where to get the best supplies of organic ingredients?


The ebook helps professionals in their choices in view of optimising their sourcing: what guarantees must your supplier provide? How can you be sure of the real quality of your ingredients? What means will set you apart in order to go further and optimise your approach?

There are so many key elements to meet the demand of your consumers with your products while taking advantage of the choice of organic ingredients based on distinctive and exclusive criteria.


Why does Natural Origins make this ebook available to professionals?


Backed by our strong commitment and our values in relation to CSR and natural ingredients, we provide everyday support to professionals from the nutraceutical and agri-food industries. This is in view of helping them find ingredients to meet their specific needs. We work closely with our farmers and set up sustainable supply chains to guarantee the traceability and the quality of our organic ingredients.

This guide reflects our expertise and our values.  


Download this ebook today and browse through our experts’ tips to choose the right organic ingredients for you.


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