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September 29, 2022

Ever since our company was founded, we are committed to passing on the pleasure of botany, inspiring your recipes based on our selection of aromatic and medicinal plants and enhancing your preparations with our assortment of fruit. In a world in which everything is moving faster and faster, we have taken the time to imagine and develop an exceptional product range of ingredients with a transparent and holistic approach from 100% fully managed value chains. From this portfolio of plant raw materials, we designed the customer brand Lifestyle, a catalogue for people like ourselves in search of a healthier and a more responsible life style.


Explore our 3 approaches for a healthier and more responsible diet


This site is split into 3 sections and proposes unique high-quality ingredients, exceptional teas along with blends bringing together our best recipes:


Superfoods: these unique exceptional ingredients


This collection of fruit or plants in Doypack format is presented in the purist form: in powder or in pieces. These are real super hero daily ingredients which provide perfect balance to smoothies, dairy products, cereals, small dishes and other delicious preparations.


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Teas: in exceptional collaboration with SoClassy


Based our catalogue, we have created with our partnership SOCLASSY, creative and only organic blends with unique flavours from atypical terroirs in order to develop excellent high organoleptic quality infusions which carry the consumer on a magic carpet.


Nutrition: concepts of blends of ingredients


True to our essence, we have brought together natural ingredients and our expertise to create products adapted to your most specific nutritional needs. This collection brings together the best of our highly nutritious recipes, adapted to a daily optimised diet.


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Be inspired by a transparent and fully managed value chain


Surf on the site and you’ll discover our product references, their composition, their origin, claims asserted, how to use the product, and its story since we share the secrets behind our most noble raw materials as we relate our supply chains…

Developing this site of functional foods enables us to directly involve customers in creating the end product. This is an excellent means to directly test all our references, blended ingredients going from the packaging and labelling in order to draw a maximum amount of information and feedback to continually improve these concepts.

In this manner, we are always ahead of the game on the different placing on the market steps and can allow you to take advantage of these completely validated and tested end products in order to speed up the marketing of your coming product launches.

To find all our turnkey product references or simply to provide you with inspiration in developing your preparations, we invite you to browse through our consumer site Natural Origins Lifestyle, you will discover the field of possibilities for your functional foods product ranges...



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