Natural Origins Lifestyle, a B2B2C approach

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September 22, 2022

Natural Origins offers something different from the standard B2B models by building a new client approach turned toward B2B2C. This new sales ecosystem sharpens our vision of markets and the consistency of our B2B offer directed towards a specific objective: final customer satisfaction.



Expanding to B2B2C


Why extend our activity to B2B2C?


Higher final consumer expectation imposes a certain degree of excellence for industrials and requires full understanding of consumer needs. By interacting directly with consumers, we listen to their preferences and adapt our ingredients in a more reactive and targeted manner. As such, we have a comprehensive view of the entire value chain with the major objective of managing final consumer expectations.

Based on creating our Natural Origins consumer Lifestyle brand, we directly test all our ingredients references to blends going through the packaging and labelling. This approach allows us to get final buyers’ quality feedback and get a great deal of information on our prototypes in order to adjust or improve these concepts and therefore to propose our B2B clients an end product, a recipe or tried and tested ingredients.





Speed to market


How can this model maximise your opportunities and sales results?


The idea behind this approach is to speed up the marketing of your new products with already reviewed, tested concepts and validated by final consumers as every marketing step is carefully checked by us beforehand.

The purpose of these concepts developed is to:

  • Inspire you,
  • Help you determine the best ingredient,
  • Direct you toward the most appropriate blend,
  • And even offer a turnkey solution if that your wish,

Saving you precious time…

This model offers a new or complementary service without investing in internal resources while providing you with supplementary customer data:

All the work has been carried out beforehand with the choice of ingredients, selecting supply chains and the origin of raw material, regulatory validation, review of packaging and labelling (claims, nutritional values and Nutri-score…) along with the message that is important to convey to customers for there to be a climate of trust and in line with their needs.





And the end customer?


What are the interests for the end customer?


One of the stumbling blocks witnessed on the market is the lack of ingredient traceability. Whereas the customer needs to be reassured and now wants access to the story behind the products including its:

  • Composition
  • Origin
  • Claims
  • Usage
  • and also its storytelling

Our Lifestyle product range benefits from our supply chains’ story and strong, transparent and involved messages based on exceptional, functional, ready to be marketed, tried and tested food products… The force of this new approach is to help you build and quickly feed a sound brand identity and give meaning by adapting your message to your target.

Discover our Natural Origins Lifestyle customer site in our coming articles…





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