The Doypack® pouch: an ingenious and innovation packaging for all your products

Author: Emilie Leconte
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April 29, 2021

Initially used in the industrial sector as an eco-refill, the Doypack® has been thriving these past years with an increasingly wide range of applications. We all know this standing soft pouch, but have you considered using it for your nutraceutical products or for your teas and infusions?

Feedback on the advantages of this ingenious and customisable packaging…



A versatile, ecological and economical format


Acclaimed by consumers for its practicality, it’s a packaging which attracts increasing numbers of manufacturers in all sectors:


  • Stable and very easy to use, it allows a vertical presentation of your product, which is very enhancing and makes it easily visible on store shelves

  • It can be customised in a number of ways and can adapt to all your products regardless of the desired galenic and content
  • This format reduces the weight of the packaging and generates less waste than other packaging. No outer packaging is required: information on the content can be printed directly on the packaging (content communication and conservation can be cumulated)
  • Finally, based on its very easy manufacturing process, its savings in raw materials, transportation and storage, its production cost and carbon footprint are particularly interesting



From the ingredient to the end product: solutions proposed by Natural Origins


While our job is sourcing and making natural ingredients, we are moving more and more towards designing turnkey products while wishing to maintain constant traceability and total transparency of our raw materials up to the end product.


Discover the Botanical Studio

To do so, we are constantly expanding our field of expertise and we are surrounded by trustworthy partners to propose you a large range of services starting from the ingredient to the packaging of your end products. We work with numerous formats (metal boxes, plastic, carboard, etc…) and we have the possibility of packaging our mixtures and simple ingredients in a Doypack® format for you.

We manage all the constraints linked to placing the product on the market while guaranteeing quality products 100% traced and made from plants from our sourcing.

You decide on the recipe, we take care of the mixture and Doypack® packaging while guaranteeing an aesthetic and gourmet result with the possibility of seeing or not seeing the ingredients with complete transparency.

Adaptable and customisable, this packaging follows your wishes and the possibilities are endless: weight, types of paper more or less ecological (no plastic, recyclable or even biodegradable), print colors, with a Ziplock or a notch to tear to open… All projects are feasible from 2500 units or more…

With this new type of packaging, we put forward our raw materials, the management and the quality of our nutraceutical ingredients and especially our teas and infusions with a cut designed for bulk. You will be proud to show our collections of low processed and absolutely attractive plants…



Don’t miss out on our new references… available soon on our e-platform!


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