Exten(d), ReWin(d) & Baobab shake: our heros ingredients on the adventure races

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October 28, 2021
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Relive these unique and intense experiences with us in nature and our "heros ingredients" tested directly by trailers:


Adventure races


Nature, adventure and physical effort, are our mottos and completely summarise our values… By sponsoring these PACA RAID and SUD RAID adventure races, we work with the organisers who share our concerns and our commitments: orienteering races, VTT, shooting and ropes, to which can be added swim meets, accessible to everyone and which are environmentally friendly.

  • The PACA RAID is an amateur competition where the participants can try different levels of difficulty. The aim is to link pleasure and physical activity in the heart of nature…
  • SUD RAID is a high-level competition that gathers trailers from throughout Europe over 4 days, 160 km and 12000 m in altitude change!

Sponsoring these multi-sports raids, has allowed us to reconcile our love for sport and nature while testing our ingredients directly on our target consumers, both amateur and professional athletes.


Heroes ingredients


Nowadays, proposing new 100% natural sports nutrition formulations is not enough, verifying performance is also necessary. This is what we have set up with Exten(d) and ReWin(d) and which we renew today with our Baobab shake

Exten(d) and ReWin(d), natural actives to be integrated into numerous  formulations

To get the feedback of the athletes in real conditions, each participant was given samples of our essential ingredients:

The Baobab shake is a Baobab powder integrated in an application ready to be diluted in water, made up of oat powder, banana, mango, acerola and a touch of caramel.

This product is perfectly suited during and after exercise and it provides:

  • Energy necessary for physical activity (273 kcal/shake) related to fruit carbohydrates
  • 15% of RDA for vitamin C, antioxydant, with our acerola extract
  • 5% of RDA for Mg and 5% for Ca in addition to 8.5% of the RDA for K, from the Baobab powder. This input of minerals allows the runners to compensate losses through sweating and to avoid bouts of fatigue as a shake is the equivalent of 300 mg of K, or 1 hour of physical effort
  • A large quantity of soluble fibers essential for decreasing the glycaemic index enables improved absorption of sugars during the race.


Athletes feedback


Available throughout the meets, we have gotten more than positive feedback from the Baobab shake. The runners were initially surprised by this raw material they didn’t know or knew little about and its beige colour. They then found the fibre content and its high nutritional value and the image of this 100% plant origin product interesting. They particularly liked the taste and they all emphasised the sensation of well-being and fast recovery after consuming the shake.

To conclude, we could say that sponsoring these events allowed us to:

  • Participate in sports organisations related to our environment, which make sense and which we are particularly fond of,
  • Meet our target, the athletes, and test our products in real conditions,
  • Determine potential improvements for our new Baobab shake formula.

We are henceforth thinking about evolving our product toward a more targeted action on recovery (a less sweet product containing more protein) and add hibiscus powder to provide colour while increasing the antioxydant side of the formula…



baobab workout powder sample

I request my sample of "Baobab Workout Powder"



Please feel free to contact us for any additional requests.

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Life Science & Nutrition

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