The Exten(d) active has demonstrated improved performance and noticeable effects on decreasing discomfort related to sports practice

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July 23, 2019
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Nutraceutical Industry

We previously noted a clinical trial carried out by Natural Origins on its Exten(d) sports nutrition active in order to demonstrate effectiveness for athletes.

Concretely speaking, what results can be expected by using this active in the formulation of your sports nutrition products?

Focus on the results highlighted in the clinical trial.


3 benefits of the Exten(d) active highlighted by the results of the clinical trial carried out by Natural Origins


1. Exten(d) reduces inflammation


Evaluating inflammation was measured by leg thermography using a thermal camera.

We noted with the volunteers  who had taken Exten(d), reduced inflammation after 4 weeks of treatment compared to the first visit in the study, which was not the case with athletes who had taken the placebo.

We can thus conclude that the Exten(d) active contributes to reducing knee inflammation.


2. Exten(d) puts you in better shape following physical exertion


After 4 weeks of treatment, a significant difference between the two groups is noted during the runners’ warm-up stage.

It appears that the Exten(d) active helps runners improve their stride length since pain related to exertion is minimised.  The runners feel thus more confident and less bothered so they can lengthen their stride. The opposite phenomenon can be noted in the placebo group with stride length decreasing in the test.

During an endurance race when fatigue starts or due to pain, it can be noted that runners tend to shorten their stride.

The Exten(d) active used in a sports nutrition product makes it possible to improve runners’ performance by improving their comfort and their stride length.


3. Exten(d) allows for optimising stride lenght


The other parameter characteristic of the discomfort felt during the race is the knee bending angle. The more this angle increases, the more the runner gives the impression of “sitting” during the race. The runner’s running technique thus worsens and becomes less dynamic.

Biomechanical trial results clearly show a reduced knee bending angle for the incremental exercise of the placebo group.

On the contrary, a larger bending angle is noted in runners who have taken Exten(d). They tend to bend their knees less and thus optimise their running style and therefore making them feel better.




The clinical study carried out highlights the statistical difference between the placebo and the Exten(d) active in terms of running but also in terms of decreasing the discomfort felt by athletes.

As such, Exten(d) provides a full range of benefits for athletes. Runners who train using Exten(d) are able to improve their running technique, while improving comfort (decreased pain) and optimising their sports activity.

This is the first clinically tested active based on an exclusive organic plant powder formula which demonstrates the real effectiveness in sports nutrition.


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Nutraceutical Industry

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