How to formulate your energy products in a natural way?

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January 08, 2019
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Seeking naturalness in the food sector is a real underlying trend. This can be observed in all consumer universes, including the energy products sections.

Let’s look at how botanical ingredients can help you to meet the demand for natural energy products.

Natural active components to meet all your needs


The properties of certain plants have historically been used to boost the body or to help recuperate following intense physical effort. For example, the legendary cola nut from West and Central Africa has been appreciated for its stimulating qualities for the past several centuries.

Panax ginseng, an Asian precious remedy medicine with its widely recognised vitality and tonicity benefits, also comes to mind1. Those are, of course, just two examples.

Nature is a treasure trove for the formulation of natural energy products. Opt for natural caffeine with cola nuts, guarana, maté or green tea.

Add natural vitamin C by choosing a market reference in the sector: acerola2. Rely on antioxidant plants such as ginseng to help the body deal with oxidative stress associated with effort 3,4.


Different solutions adapted to all natural energy products


The natural energy products market is constantly growing along with increasing types of available products. Consumers today can rely on very different formulas based on their needs and preferences : energy gels, cereal bars, to be reconstituted and ready-to-drink beverages.

From the R&D perspective, this product diversity requires having very different active solutions. To facilitate the formulation of natural energy products, solutions adapted to all needs are available in the Natural Origins botanical ingredients catalogue:

  • Debacterised botanical powders preserving the plant totum while providing the easiest and the most economical means for developing solid natural energy products (cereal bars, biscuits…) ;
  • Optifine botanical powders which enable increasing dispersibility, particularly for developing smoothies ;
  • Dry extracts with high levels of active ingredients and solubility which are interesting for formulating beverages to be reconstituted;
  • Liquid extracts which meet all the requirements necessary for developing energy gels or beverages.


Formulation of prototypes to facilitate development


A wide selection of botanical ingredients and solutions adapted to your needs make up two important criteria in your approach to developing natural energy products. To go a step further, Natural Origins with its formulation experts have likewise developed an energy kit composing prototype applications which provide a concrete vision of the final product and facilitate the work of the R&D department.

If you would like to know more about the energy kit and the Natural Origins catalogue references, please feel free to ask for a sample.  Our Botanical Studio is likewise at your disposal to work on creating botanical solutions adapted to your specific needs.

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Nutraceutical Industry

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