ReWin(d): a new sports nutrition active: clinical study & protocol

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August 29, 2019
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Nutraceutical Industry

In order to accompany nutraceutical industrial professionals, Natural Origins has designed a sports nutrition active for athletic performance in terms of recovery after sports. Focus on a clinical study carried out on the ReWin(d) active and the protocol set up to demonstrate its effectiveness.


ReWin(d): a new sports nutrition active used to improve athletic performance


The ReWin(d) active is a naturally formulated sports nutrition product. Contrary to traditional actives, this 100% organic product uses all the benefits of plants.

Designed by Botanical Studio at Natural Origins, ReWin(d) shares the same approach as the Exten(d) active and is focused on helping athletes improve their performances while caring for their health.


Clinical study on the ReWin(d) active: protocol & test procedure


1. Clinical study protocol


ReWin(d) is an active made from low processed plants. As such, it contains the plant totum with the scientifically proven benefits supported by a clinical study.

An independent laboratory was assigned to carry out of the clinical trials on the ReWin(d) active. The parameters of this double blind clinical trial carried out over a 4-week period include that:

  • The trial was carried out on 40 volunteer athletes,
  • aged between 20 to 25 years old,
  • spread out in one « ReWin(d) » group and one placebo.


2. Clinical study on the ReWin(d) active procedure


In order to analyse the effects of ReWin(d) on muscular damage caused by intense sports practice, the volunteers underwent 2 types of exercise to simulate intensive physical exercise in a laboratory:


  • Exercise 1 : plyometric drills : this exercise involved 10 cycles of 10 repeating jumps with weights with a 1 minute break between sets.
  • Exercise 2 : eccentric quadricep movements : this involved going from one to another for a total of 3 cycles combining a series of exercises.


Both of these exercises were high-intensity to « simulate a semi-marathon » or trail type activity.

The objective was to provoke muscle inflammation causing pain within 72 following the physical effort. (Delayed-Onset Muscular Soreness, DOMS) [1] or muscle soreness.  

These exercises allowed monitoring inflammation and pain before physical effort along with monitoring during the 72 hours post physical effort following a 4-week ReWin(d) cure period.


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[1] Eccentric Muscle Contractions: Risks and Benets. Hody et coll. Front. Physiol., 03 May 2019.

[2] Douglas et al, “Chronic Adaptations to Eccentric Training: A Systematic Review”. Sports Med (2017) 47:917–941. DOI 10.1007/s40279-016-0628-4


Nutraceutical Industry

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