Seasonality of guarana

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July 23, 2020

Known primarily for its high caffeine content, the use of guarana has grown substantially. As it has a 4 fold caffeine content compared to coffee grains, it is very much in line with the craze that consumers are currently having for natural and exotic stimulant products. [1]

Its virtues & characteristics


Guarana, Paullinia cupana, originally came from the Amazon forests and was used by the natives as a stimulant to relieve headaches, cramps, fever and as a food support substitute used during lengthy fasting. [1] Nowadays, guarana seeds are widely used by the agro-food and pharmaceutical industries. Its high nutrient content gives it incredible potential: vitamins, proteins, minerals, tannins and especially caffeine, theobromine and theophylline are concentrated providing numerous virtues. [2]

Caffeine acts as a cerebral, cardio-vascular and muscular stimulant. Attention, concentration and memorisation are improved. [1] [3]

It is used today for weight loss diets based on the diuretic and lipolytic properties of caffeine. Its stimulating effect also enables fighting fatigue which oftentimes accompanies low-calorie diets. To be noted that tannins and caffeine are gastrointestinal regulators and thus have anti-diarrhoea properties. [1] [3]

More unusual, guarana also has aphrodisiac virtues… [1] [3]


The Natural Origins' supply chain


A producer cooperative

We collaborate with a local partner for guarana, with local production coming from the state of Amazonas, and also from Rondonia, Mato Grosso and Bahia. Production is carried out on family farms located in sustainable development areas where Amazonian producers always use traditional growing techniques. Our partner works with a cooperative of over 50 local producers with the objective of implementing organic farming techniques.


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Organic certification

Only products coming from regions far away from intensive farming production areas are selected: where no pesticides or GMO seeds are used. Our raw materials are organic certified and we guarantee traceability using a data bank which allows you to verify that all fruits are produced organically and under environmentally friendly conditions.


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Our references

Guarana is harvested once a year in November or December when the fruit is ready and when it starts to open. The seeds are then dried using 3 drying techniques, then put in natural fiber bags for ideal storage. We then process into various ingredients. Available in organic or conventional grade, you can find all these references on our on-line catalogue:




Ground seeds


Powder (with or without Optifine® option)


Dry extract


Liquid extract


Infusion cup


For customised advice on the formulation, please feel free to contact our Botanical Studio®.

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