Why chose Natural Origins for organic ingredients sourcing?

Author: Yonathan Elbaz
Published On:
March 26, 2019

Since its creation, Natural Origins has always attached great importance to environmental and human protection in its plant matter sourcing procedure. It is quite natural that the vast majority of the catalogue today is made up of organic botanical ingredients.

An in-depth look at our organic sourcing procedure requirements.


Outstanding requirements to meet consumers' expectations


Sourcing organic botanical ingredients is not a trivial matter. Organic certification provides concrete responses to consumer expectations. Consumers want to benefit from quality products derived from responsible production practices, which cause no damage neither to the environment nor people’s health.

As a specialist in organic botanical ingredients sourcing, Natural Origins has increased the number of inspection points. Our teams are strongly involved and travel regularly in the field to observe the real growing conditions.


Organic supply chain structuration and control


Regulation wise, organic farming producers are obliged to set up sustainable farming policies. This strong commitment must by no means stop just after harvesting the raw material.

At Natural Origins, we are convinced that it is essential to manage the entire organic supply chain. We develop end-to-end supply chains and we work with trustworthy partners who have expertise in the specific nature of these organic supply chains.

Guarantee traceability for organic botanical ingredients


Let us not forget the scandals that have shaken the food sector due to lacking traceability of raw materials. It is absolutely essential to be able to follow the supply chain starting from the consumer up to the growing areas.

The Natural Origins teams are extremely careful with the traceability of organic botanical ingredients. By developing and completely controlling the organic supply chain, we can ensure complete traceability for each batch of ingredients.  


Bio-analytical approach to complete the bio-documentary obligations


Regulations related to organic production have defined detailed specifications which producers must closely follow. However, we all know that raw material production can never be completely safe from uncertainties (possibility of cross contamination, etc.).

It’s for this reason that Natural Origins has chosen to complete the bio documentary obligations with a bio analytical approach. This means that all our batches of organic botanical ingredients are subject to an array of analyses carried out by an independent laboratory.


Development of ethical organic supply chains


The environmental benefits of organic farming no longer need to be proven. To be sustainable, organic botanical ingredients sourcing must also be in due respect with the men and women who work at each step of the supply chain.

The human dimension is essential at Natural Origins. We develop sustainable contracts with our partners. We are financially committed to pre-financing crops. We are convinced that it is possible to create value while growing together.

Discover our fair trade harpagophytum supply chain.


All these requirements enable us today to accompany numerous partners in their organic botanical ingredients sourcing.


Download our ebook on organic ingredients to know more.



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