Seasonality of raw materials: St John's Wort

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May 19, 2020
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Nutraceutical Industry

An essential plant for keeping spirits up and preventing depression


Hypericum Perforatum L (or St John’s Wort) is probably the most well-known plant for preventing depression and annual sales of products made from this plant species prove this trend since St John’s Wort is one of the most popular plant-based products. [1] [3]


St John’s Wort has been considered as a medicinal plant for over 2000 years. Since then, it has remained a traditional treatment for anxiety, depression, but also cuts, infections or burns. Recent research suggests the effectiveness in treating certain cancers, inflammation-related disorders, bacterial and viral diseases, and as an antioxidant and neuroprotective agent. [1] [2]


This plant is extensively used today for mood disorders and raises the interest of consumers, based on the effectiveness of St John’s Wort for preventing depression, anxiety, nervous restlessness, stress and insomnia as researched by the scientific world [3]. The underlying mechanisms are now well understood.  [1]. St John’s wort produces dozens of biological actives including flavonoids, hypericin and hyperforin, which appear to play an important role in the process [1].


For further information on the latest publications and the mechanisms of action of St John’s Wort, feel free to check out our ebook on natural solutions to keep the spirits up & get a better sleep.


A 100% French supply chain with guaranteed active principles


In collaboration with French producers based in Anjou, we have selected the best plants for you. In the beginning of summer our farmers carefully harvest St John’s Wort to guarantee you top quality raw materials. We count on their skills and expertise in soil management to provide you with the best of every plant. 

Starting from these harvests, we develop ingredients with principle actives derived from quality raw materials, thus guaranteeing ideal titration.


The partnership we have established with our producers over the years has enabled us to build relationships of trust based on strong commitments. This relationship of trust along with growing contracts set up ensures stocks throughout the year. We can provide you with supplementary plots depending on the quantities sought after or we can propose the possibility of choosing the field where your raw materials are will be grown. 


Numerous available references


You can find a selection of references of St John’s Wort in our on-line catalogue. Available in organic or conventional grades, depending on your needs, our standards are in cut or extract form and are titrated at 0.3% hypericin:


If you are looking for a custom-made development for a customised ingredient or if you want support in the formulation of a new St John's Wort based product, you can contact our Botanical Studio®. Our  experts are available to help you in quickly developing your new project.


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Nutraceutical Industry

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