Seasonality rendez-vous: The Papaver rhoeas L. poppy

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October 07, 2021

Conducive to food innovation, this ephemeral, delicate and poetic flower is found everywhere: sweets, palet biscuits or flavoured chocolate bars, confit, lollypops, lemonades, scented powdered sugar, liqueur, vinegar… But did you know that this raw material also has nutraceutical virtues? In this article, we highlight its features and we let you discover our 100% French supply chain.



Much more than an aroma, a flower with nutraceutical virtues...


Reminiscent of old and natural flavours, sought by consumers over the past years, the gentle and slightly sweet taste of its petals gives rise to numerous sweet and savoury associations. Other than its undeniable aromatic qualities, poppies are traditionally used for its medicinal virtues. Elders ascribed it for remedying sleep disorders and its anti-inflammatory properties and used it to relieve dysentery or earache pains. (1)


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Today, we know that the petals are characterised by a high antioxidant potential and significant levels of polyphenols and vitamin C (2). Poppies also have soothing properties to restore sleep and therefore to fight against insomnia (3) (4). Antitussive (3) (4) and antiseptic (2), this plant promotes expectoration (3) and is also antispasmodic (2). All these properties make this flower a choice reference deserving to be included in our catalogue…



Development of a 100% French supply chain in the heart of Anjou...


Everything starts in the heart of Anjou… It’s in this region fostering crop development that we developed sustainable ties with local farmers. But this subtle alchemy is reached at the end of a well-handled procedure: we work directly with local farmers selected for their involvement and their values. We set up contracts over several years with our partners in order to consolidate our work methods and establish a reciprocal relation of trust in which each party is deeply and sincerely involved to guarantee our clients and end consumers the best quality and batch consistency.


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Based on a long process of research and development and our partner’s mastery of the soil, we have set up cultivation tests to obtain raw materials meeting all specifications. Once the seeds selected, we financed all crops to ensure optimum results in accordance with our policies. The petals are then processed into powder directly in our factory in Lozanne.


Further to this long process, we can now present our new 100% ”Made in France” poppy reference.

Made from our first harvest from last spring, between May and July 2021, the poppy flower is now available in our online catalogue with the references:


Red Poppy Aerial Part Fluid Extract


Red Poppy Petal Powder 300µm Heat Treated



Please feel free to contact us for any additional requests for this reference.

To see our entire product range, check out our online catalogue available 24 HOURS A DAY 7 DAYS A WEEK.

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