The popularity of « Made in France »

Author: Emilie Leconte
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September 10, 2020

In the midst of health and environmental concerns, the « Made in France » trend appears as a safe haven, synonymous with quality while corresponding to consumers’ moral convictions. Some figures to highlight this well confirmed trend and the offer proposed by Natural Origins.


A confirmed trend


Attitudes have changed over the past years giving way to consumption backed by ethical and moral values. Buyers are increasingly well-informed, and they seek authenticity and brands alone are not enough to win their confidence. This is why there are growing numbers of professionals who meet the needs for transparency and post the origin on their products.

Based on an IPSOS survey, 79% of the French surveyed pay attention to the geographical origin of products [2]. Buying and consuming locally is a way of supporting companies (93%), maintaining jobs in France (93%), defend French know-how (92%) and guarantee the quality of products (86%) and manufacturing in due respect with employee working standards (86%) [1] ; in addition to this being a means of preserving our planet by minimizing the environmental impact.

This Ifop [1] survey reveals that 74% of French people are willing to pay more for a product made in France. The notion of « terroir » is even viewed as « more reassuring» than labels or even organic products [2] since this guarantees the origin of the raw materials and its traceability.

« Terroir » products are strongly evocative for consumers and are suited for creating a unique brand history. These products are a sign of authenticity, typicity and quality and reflect the recognised know-how and traditions attached to the soil. They also influence the decision whether to buy or not based on emotional processes. [3]

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A complete range at Natural Origins


At Natural Origins, we take to heart supporting French know-how and when we can we call on local producers.

Based on these partnerships, our objective is to offer a complete catalogue of high quality French origin products to allow you to develop a 100% « Made in France » product range. The geographical proximity of the farmers will make visiting the fields where your raw materials come from possible while discovering the history of your botanical ingredients.

As such, our chamomile, valerian and a part of our lemon balm come from Anjou. The rest of our crops of lemon balm, echinacea, peppermint, blackcurrant, and burdock are grown in the Drôme and a large part of our aromatic and medicinal plants (oregano, rosemary, savory, thyme, olive or ash tree leaves, red vine along with a range of flowers) is produced in collaboration with a cooperative of small producers based in the Ardeche.

This new collaboration is a real asset since the Ardeche is a traditional production zone for producers of aromatic and medicinal plants suitable for bringing to the fore a unique storytelling. All these Ardeche plant are PREMIUM quality and are available in small volumes.



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[3] Perception et attitudes des consommateurs vis-à-vis des produits de terroir : implications pour les fromage, INRA 2017

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