The popularity of natural alternatives for boosting morale and sleep

And if fulfillment involved returning to the roots? And if we took the time to focus on what is essential and took care of ourselves? These nagging questions for consumers are such that they can not be viewed as being simply a trend.  Faced with social challenges related to the environment and the awareness of the importance of taking care of one’s health on a daily basis, consumption trends evolve and new demands emerge.

In this article we take stock of these disturbances and on the popularity of natural alternatives and on most sought-after remedies to improve well-being in the current context.  


Opt for natural products: a real returning to the roots


NATURALNESS. This word is found everywhere and this movement has brought sweeping changes to our daily lives. As a citizen of the world, it has become crucial to take care of the environment, manage our carbon footprint, and consume locally. This phenomenon is particularly pronounced with staple products for which the objective is to consume natural, healthy and seasonal  products. The consumer inquiries into the products he/she consumes, deciphers and decrypts to become an expert. Based on  reading and research, the consumer becomes more demanding and wiser, so the manner of consuming evolves. Plants are the answer to current needs since they are the everlasting natural source of health benefits.


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Consumers today are concentrated on what is essential and if naturalness was already a growing concern and an increasingly coveted lifestyle, within the pandemic context, it is very much a priority. For due cause, the health and societal crisis we are now living pushes us to question and to come to the realisation that we can’t manage everything. In the face of these uncertainties, consumers try to reassure themselves and to find a certain well-being by turning to simpler and more authentic alternatives.


Taking care of yourself: soft and preventive solutions to fight stress and sleep or mood disorders


While we’re experiencing a disturbing time, fighting stress,  gloom and anxiety have become essential to each and every one of us. How to combat everyday gnawing tensions? How to regain a little peace?


Within this unprecedented context, new consumer behaviour patterns are forming and are bearing down on solutions to improve our well-being. In search of peace of mind, consumers are turning toward soft, reassuring, preventive and natural methods: meditation, yoga, hypnosis, acupuncture, shiatsu or even aromatherapy and phytotherapy, which are increasingly popular. While relaxation and breathing  techniques help find a balance between the body and the sprit quickly, plants are used as basic treatment to help fight against anxiety and sleep disorders.


As such, curcuma, lavender, St. John’s wort, ginseng, rhodiola, ginkgo, chamomile, lemon balm, passionflower, ashwagandha, valerian, are among the references which can be part of your nutraceutical compositions used to meet your present needs. And you know this all too well: every plant is laden with active ingredients with each principle active having its proper mechanism of action, leaving an exceptionally vast field of application…  


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