Tea & infusions: how does Natural Origins accompany professionals in their development?

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May 07, 2019
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Herbal and Tea Industry

Year after year, Natural Origins tracks changes in the tea and infusions market in view of proposing the best solutions to its partners. Today, we are able to accompany the development of tea and infusions product range from the field up to the tea cup.

We can tell you everything about our commitments for the tea and infusions market stakeholders.


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Identify the best botanical ingredients and develop sustainable supply chains


The Natural Origins team is made up of vegetal matter sourcing experts. They travel around the world looking for the best botanical ingredients for the tea and infusions market. They then undertake to develop sustainable and ethical procurement supply chains.

This in particular involves:

  • long-term partnerships with producers;
  • pre-financing cultivations when necessary;
  • regular contacts with all supply chain stakeholders;
  • visits in the field to be attentive to producers, to work together and to constantly optimise cultivation procedures;
  • audits with our clients who also discover market place reality and its uniqueness.


Propose a wide choice of organic botanical ingredients


Respect of the environment and humans is a key dimension at Natural Origins. It’s only natural that we have developed a large catalogue of organic botanical ingredients.

Organic rooibos tea, organic camomile, organic hibiscus, organic red vine, organic, moringa… these are just a couple examples of the ingredients in the catalogue available for the  development of organic tea and infusions.


Guaranteeing the quality of botanical ingredients


It would seem impossible for us to offer botanical ingredients without being able to guarantee total quality. This is why the batches of ingredients delivered to our Natural Origins warehouse are systematically checked by an independent laboratory. If a parameter does not comply with specifications, the batch is withdrawn and the teams looks for another alternative.


Accompany the development of products from the field to the tea cup with Botanical Studio


In accompanying numerous stakeholders in the tea and infusions market, we have noted the importance of offering overall support from the field to the tea cup with the teams at Botanical Studio.

This applications laboratory accompanies you with sourcing, customised ingredients production and the creation of finished products concepts using our network of partners.

For example, we work hand in hand with a graphic artist on relevant and effective  packaging design. We have also selected two bagging companies able to respond in a reactive and flexible way to our clients’ first product launches and to large volume demands. We can also accompany the development of innovative formats such as infusions in bottles or in cans.


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Help with tea and infusions market differentiation using supply chain marketing


Organic certification, fair trade certification, geographical origin, human dimension: all these qualities may be used to promote the procurement supply chain for consumers. At Natural Origins, we do everything we can to allow you to bank on supply chain marketing for the tea and infusions.


Feel free to contact our team for customised support services.

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Herbal and Tea Industry

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