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Graziella Riant-Dalibard

Graziella Riant-Dalibard
Head of BU Taste

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Spirits & Beers | February 15, 2024

Leading brands of amaro and bitters in Europe

The revival of bitters, the bitter-tasting spirit drinks of the past, has...

Spirits & Beers | February 08, 2024

Bitter botanicals

Recommended in our diets thanks to their health benefits, bitter botanicals...

Spirits & Beers | January 31, 2024

Aromatic botanicals: an ideal taste for 0.0 spirits

In our previous article, we showed how botanicals are used by spirits producers...

Spirits & Beers | January 18, 2024

The 'non-alcoholic spirits' market: growth and trends

According to the latest Fact.MR (1) report, "non-alcoholic spirits", also known...

Teas & Herbal Infusions, Food & Beverage, Life Science & Nutrition | November 29, 2023

All the steps in the manufacturing of your finished product grouped together on a single site in France

The Natural Origins team is proud to present its complete range of products,...

Teas & Herbal Infusions, Food & Beverage, Spirits & Beers | August 03, 2023

Natural Origins and its cubeb pepper supply chain in Indonesia

Are you familiar with the Natural Origins cubeb pepper chain? This spice,...

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